Wonder-Filled Thrills at SeaWorld Orlando

See a world of incredible sea life from penguins to dolphins, ride riveting roller coasters, dine with the sharks, enjoy live entertainment, and more.

A young girl pets a dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando.

Get up close to sea life at SeaWorld Orlando

While there are many theme parks in Central Florida, none are quite like SeaWorld Orlando. Enjoy the park’s impressive combo of man-made and natural thrills – the ocean-themed rides and experiences will fill your day with wonder. Plus, keep an eye out for seasonal events and concerts.

Exhilarating Rides: Roller Coasters & Water Adventures

Steel Coasters

While most people know SeaWorld Orlando for its animals, this Florida theme park has more than its fair share of exciting rides. Most recently, the new Ice Breaker opened, treating guests to a whole new set of surprising twists, turns, and drops – and the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida.

And though the shiny new Ice Breaker is getting a lot of attention, the other coasters still offer exhilarating rides. Hop aboard the head-first Manta, chase thrills on the Kraken, and take a ride on the riveting Mako hyper coaster.

Water Rides & Kid-Friendly Attractions

SeaWorld Orlando also offers fun water rides. Between the waterfalls, fountains, and geysers, you’ll end up absolutely soaked after a spin on the Infinity Falls raft adventure. And don’t miss out on Journey to Atlantis, a flume ride-coaster hybrid that takes you on a journey to the mythical sunken city.

While many of the thrill rides aren’t suitable for young kids, your little ones will still have the time of their lives in Sesame Street Land. Snap a few pictures with the show’s friendliest characters, go for a spin at Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl, and race along Super Grover’s Box Car Derby.

Animals in Action: From Antarctica to the Tropics

Exhibits, Presentations & Dining with the Sharks

SeaWorld Orlando lets you see awe-inspiring animals in person. While there are a few different ways to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures, the easiest option is to pop by their habitat exhibits. From Antarctica to the Pacific Coast to the Tropics, you’ll get to spot penguins, stingrays, dolphins, manatees, sea lions, and so much more!

If habitat visits just aren’t enough for the animal lover in you, take advantage of SeaWorld Orlando’s up-close animal encounters. One of the coolest options is dining at Sharks Underwater Grill where you can eat side-by-side with the ocean’s most feared creatures. As you devour your Kobe beef sliders or miso roasted Atlantic salmon, watch these intriguing creatures swim up right up to your table!

You can get even more time with your animal friends at SeaWorld Orlando’s daytime animal presentations. At the Orca Encounter, learn about killer whales and even get splashed by their massive tails – if you sit close, be prepared for a powerful splash, not just a sprinkle. At the Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight watch these playful, intelligent animals in action as you learn more about how to protect them and their habitats. 

Special Tour Experiences

The best way to see these incredible animals is through one of SeaWorld Orlando’s unique tour experiences. Come face-to-face with some of your favorites – including dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, orcas, and more – with special animal encounters or up-close tours. Petting a penguin, feeding a walrus, and snapping a selfie with a sea lion are just a few of the possibilities.

The Ultimate VIP Tour includes dining at Sharks Underwater Grill, reserved seats at all three daytime animal presentations, meet and greets, and more.

SeaWorld Orlando’s Conservation Efforts

Don’t miss learning about SeaWorld’s conservation efforts and what you can do to help. The park features multiple rehabilitation areas, including the Manatee Rehabilitation Area and Pelican Preserve. The animals are either rehabilitated and released back into the wild or, if they’re permanently injured, given a forever home with expert care.

Also, check out the Turtle Trek experience, a walk-through exhibit that encourages you to make daily choices that support turtle conservation.

There’s even a special SeaWorld Rescue Tour. Over its 50-year history, SeaWorld Parks and Resorts has taken care of more than 40,000 sick, injured, and orphaned animals. On this tour, you’ll get a small glimpse of the work of animal caretakers, from feeding baby manatees to patching up injured turtles.

As a visitor, you enjoy the results of SeaWorld’s conservation efforts in more ways than one – and you may not even realize it! For example, SeaWorld is committed to sustainable dining. They only use humanely raised and sustainably harvested foods at its parks.

Tips for Visiting: What You Need to Know 

Keep an eye out for SeaWorld Orlando theme park discounts and special events. For information about tickets, hours, and more, see the listing for SeaWorld Orlando.

Find More Animal Adventures

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