Downtown Kissimmee

Community Relations

Experience Kissimmee is Invested in our Community

We love our destination and are excited to share the Kissimmee story around the world.

While visitors get to call this sunny place home for just a few days or weeks, we’re proud to live in Central Florida all year long. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping our local community grow and flourish. So, what’s the best way to keep our home beautiful and inspire visitors to return year after year? By investing in our community through impactful efforts and initiatives, of course!

Experience Kissimmee strives to strengthen our community through tourism. We do this by building relationships and engaging with local community organizations, including:

  • Actively participating in local government and community meetings and events to help provide solutions to key issues
  • Providing information about the value of tourism to our local economy through community presentations and other partnerships
  • Serving on boards, councils, and committees that enrich the local community

Experience Kissimmee Cares is the charitable arm of our organization focused on supporting local nonprofit organizations and programs that empower Osceola County families to become self-sufficient, succeed, and thrive. We contribute to our community through four pillars of support: education, shelter, health & wellbeing, and crisis support.

From charitable donations—such as event sponsorships, volunteer hours, and in-kind service projects—to hosting events and service projects for our partners and staff, we’re always seeking new ways to work together to better our community. Experience Kissimmee Cares connects:

  • Our 900+ tourism industry partners who have a heart of service
  • Visiting groups interested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Individuals who desire to give back to the community they visit (known as voluntourism)