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Stay Safe & Be Well When Visiting Kissimmee

See the latest safety information and medical resources. 

Kissimmee attractions and businesses put safety first. Before you travel, it's always a good idea to get up to speed on local safety information, including available medical services and weather safety resources.

COVID-19, Flu, & Other Illnesses

As we navigate COVID-19 cases, flu season, and other health concerns at various times of the year, you may find yourself balancing being cautious with being carefree. Kissimmee has multiple resources you can count on. For questions around COVID-19, including local testing resources and FAQs, visit the AdventHealth Coronavirus Resource Hub

Many local businesses have made enhanced cleaning protocols part of their standard process. Inquire with individual accommodations and other businesses if you have questions or concerns about these health and safety standards.

Urgent Care & Emergency Medical Services

Urgent care centers and hospitals are available for anyone who gets sick while visiting the Kissimmee area. On-call medical visits can also be arranged. For life-threatening medical emergencies, call 911 for immediate assistance. For more information on medical services, see the Visitor Services page. 

Weather Safety

While visiting Central Florida, be aware of the dangers of thunderstorms and lightning, and take precautions to protect yourself against the sun.



Staying Safe in Kissimmee

Our friends at AdventHealth have some helpful safety tips for you.

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A Refresh on Safety Tips

While the Covid-19 pandemic has waned, many of the preventative practices are still relevant during certain times of the year, including flu season, and all year long for high-risk visitors. Watch the video below for a refresh on staying safe and healthy.


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