Incredible Adventures at Aquatica Orlando

With lazy rivers, exhilarating slides, wave pools, and even animal encounters, Aquatica Orlando promises splashy fun for all.

An exterior shot of a water park ride, Dolphin Plunge, is pictured.

Aquatica Dolphin Plunge / SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando

A day at Aquatica Orlando is an absolute dream. Between the sunny skies, the thrilling water rides and the adorable marine animals, this water park is a fantastic place to spend a day in Central Florida.

For the Water Lovers: Rivers, Pools & Raft Rides

First thing’s first: the classic lazy river. Unlike most water parks, Aquatica actually has two lazy rivers. The first is Loggerhead Lane, which is a relaxing, slow-moving river with massive animal-filled tanks along the way. Sail past colorful fish and eye-catching Commerson’s dolphins as you laze in your cushy inner tube.

But Aquatica’s other lazy river isn’t quite as lazy. Also known as Roa’s Rapids, this river reaches thrilling speeds that whisk you past waterfalls, fountains, bridges, and more.

If wave pools are more your style, you’ll have two options on that front, too. Cutback Cove is where you want to go for consistently large waves, whereas Big Surf Shores’ waves range in size all day long.

Last but not least, water lovers will love Aquatica’s raft rides. Ray Rush is filled with awesome surprises, from the initial water jet blast-off to the swooping manta ray wing-shaped slide to the enclosed tube finale. And Walhalla Wave will quickly become one of your favorites, as this family-sized raft ride takes you through six stories of twists and turns.

For the Thrill Seekers: High-Speed Races & Steep Drops

Calling all thrill seekers! If you love the feeling of competition, grab your tube and race your friends on Riptide Race, the world’s tallest dueling racer, or grab your water mat to race head-first down the eight-lane Taumata Racer.

For the ultimate thrill, plunge down Ihu’s Breakaway Falls multi-drop tower – the steepest of its kind in the area – and feel like you’re flying on KareKare Curl, where you get to experience the feeling of weightlessness as you get launched into the slide’s curve-shaped “wave.”

For the Kids: Water-Filled Playgrounds & Slides

While your little ones may not be able to experience Ray Rush or Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, they’ll still be overjoyed by Aquatica’s kid-friendly areas.

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove is a water play area filled with pool floaties, waterspouts, and even a small body slide. And that’s just the first of two water play areas. The second is the dream-like, 60-foot-tall, water-filled playground called Walkabout Waters. Your little ones could easily spend hours on end getting doused by fountains, climbing up rope walkways, racing down kid-friendly slides, and so much more.

If your little ones are a bit older (and they reach the 42” height requirement), they’ll likely love a ride down the Reef Plunge. This enclosed slide takes you past some of the coolest marine life cutouts before racing you past a few Commerson’s dolphins! There’s no other water park ride quite like it.

For When You Need a Bite to Eat

Between all of the rivers, rides, splash zones, and animal encounters, you’ll eventually need to refuel your energy. Luckily, Aquatica has its fair share of tasty eateries.

Papa’s Cantina is a takeout restaurant that’s one of the best places to eat in the park. Try the beef and cheese empanada, the spinach and artichoke empanada, the buffalo chicken empanada, or the sweet hazelnut empanada. The Banana Beach Cook-Out, a seasonal restaurant, is the place for pulled pork sandwiches or buffalo chicken wraps.

For an adult beverage or two, head to Motu’s Beach Bar, where you can get beer, wine, and tropical cocktails. The Orlando Vice and passion fruit mule are both crowd favorites.

Consider Aquatica’s All-Day Dining Deal, a special package that allows you to eat and drink at the park’s eateries all day, up to once every 90 minutes, for a set price. Depending on how often you plan to grab a bite, you can certainly get a lot of bang for your buck.

Tips for Visiting: What You Need to Know

It’s always a struggle to keep track of everything – including your money – at water parks. That’s why Aquatica’s cashless wristbands are so handy! Just preload money onto the wristband and spend it however you like. If there’s money leftover, it’ll be refunded right back to you.

A cashless wristband is just one way to upgrade your water park adventure. Rent your own cabana for a secluded poolside retreat, complete with a mini fridge and in-cabana food and beverage service. Or book a private dolphin tour to see the eye-catching black-and-white Commerson’s dolphins up close!

Aquatica Orlando is also proud to be a Certified Autism Center (CAC). This means that they offer specialized services to help guests with autism and other disabilities experience this incredible water park to the fullest.

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