Tinkerbelle's 12 Days of Christmas

Tinkerbelle arrives in Kissimmee and sits outside the Bohemian Hotel

Here in Kissimmee, we’re used to seeing some familiar faces and well-known names stop by for a visit. After all, we’re a stone's throw away from world-famous theme parks and attractions. But recently, we had a guest in Kissimmee who may have been our most famous visitor of all. When we say she’s a big deal, we’re not kidding.

It’s Tinkerbelle the Dog!

This world-famous pooch was visiting Kissimmee for one reason—she heard Santa Claus was coming to town and wanted to make sure she made Santa’s nice list! Over the course of twelve amazing days, Tinkerbelle The Dog saw some of the best that Kissimmee has to offer. Let’s take a look at Tinkerbelle’s 12 Days of Christmas!

The Paw-fect Place to Stay

Tink started her trip to Kissimmee by checking into her accommodations. With so many options to choose from, she had no problem finding the perfect spot to meet her (pet-friendly) needs—the Bohemian Hotel! As soon as Tinkerbelle arrived in her room, she knew she picked the perfect spot. After all, there was plenty of space for her to lay down, sit, stay, and simply put her paws up to relax.

Of course, this vacation wasn’t all relaxation—Tinkerbelle was here to find Santa. And there’s no better way to get in touch with the big guy than by writing him a letter! So that’s exactly what she did. She made sure to ask how Mrs. Claus was, as well as the reindeers. She told him she’d be leaving a special (human-friendly) snack out for him on Christmas Eve, and what a good girl she’d been all year. But, most importantly, she reminded him that she was staying at the Bohemian Hotel because the last thing she wanted was for Santa to show up at the wrong address!

With her letter written, Tinkerbelle asked the friendly staff at the Bohemian Hotel to mail it for her—after all, mailboxes can be tricky for dogs—and they were happy to help. Then, it was time to relax in her room and enjoy the beautiful Celebration Lakeside Park views before she started sniffing around town for the Santa.

Snacks to Get Every Tail Wagging

Everybody knows that searching for Santa is hard work. So before she went out on her search, Tinkerbelle stopped in at Le Macaron French Pastries for a little treat! Serving colorful confections, flavorful French gelato, homemade candies, and more, Le Macaron is a perfect spot to stop for a snack when you’re out and about in Kissimmee.

Don’t let Tinkerbelle’s five pounds of fluff fool you—she’s a hungry girl! For dinner, she followed her nose straight to the Columbia Restaurant—Kissimmee’s award-winning home for Spanish-Cuban cuisine. With an old-world-style dining room and outdoor café, diners can choose to sit in the sun or enjoy a more intimate setting. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tinkerbelle loved the tapas at the Columbia—the servings were the perfect size for her!

All Aboard the Pioneer Village Express!

All fueled up and hot on Santa’s tail, Tinkerbelle made her way to the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek in hopes of finding the Big Guy. Unfortunately, he had already left, but he did leave behind a candy cane! Even though Santa was off to see the other good boys and girls of Kissimmee, it didn’t damper Tinkerbelle’s spirits one bit because Pioneer Village is such a pawesome spot to visit!

Taking visitors on a trip back through time, Pioneer Village is full of period-authentic structures that tell the story of the way life in Florida used to be. Here, you can tour century-old homes, a replica train depot, and even an 1800s-style schoolhouse—where Tinkerbelle left a little note on the chalkboard (just in case Santa makes a return visit!).

Searching for Santa Paws is a Walk in the Park

Nothing gets a tail wagging faster than a walk in a park! The Lakefront Park park is home to peaceful walking paths, a shaded playground, a fishing pier for the avid angler, a picnic pavilion (the perfect for Santa to stop for a snack while he’s out delivering presents), and more! Best of all, it’s dog friendly, which is perfect for Tinkerbelle, as well as your four-legged friend!  

It’s a good thing Tinkerbelle decided to stop in at Lakefront Park, because not far from here—at the Monument of States—there arose such a clatter that she ran in a hurry to see what was the matter.

Ho Ho Who do we Have Here!

Guess who Tinkerbelle finally found at the Monument of States! The Big Guy, Jolly Old Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, the one and only Santa! You can tell that Tinkerbelle was a bit excited to finally meet him and find out she was on the nice list! She was so excited that she asked if she could give him a little kiss on the cheek! Even though there was no mistletoe in sight, Santa was happy to oblige! But Tinkerbelle’s time with Santa didn’t end at the Monument of States. Later, at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, she got a special shoutout from Santa Paws himself!

There’s no doubt about it, Tinkerbelle’s 12 Days of Christmas here in Kissimmee were magical. Now, it’s your turn for an unforgettable vacation right here in Kissimmee. Start planning your getaway today!

Thanks for stopping by, Tinkerbelle! We hope to see you again soon, and from all of us here in Kissimmee, happy holidays!