2023 Posing Clinic
Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym - Where the World Comes to Train! Get Kissimmee Muscle Souvenirs online or in the gym. The team at Kissimmee Muscle 24 Hour Gym loves seeing the brand alive in the world! Equipment, Environment, and Ease of access make Kissimmee Muscle America's Destination Gym. More than 400,000 traveling visits from over 80 countries and all 50 states in our first four years. They embrace traveling guests and invite all to connect with them in meaningful ways. They hope, as with other past guests, to become part of new guest's memories and stories. Sign up anytime 24/7 via smart phone or computer to reserve your traveler access to the gym. Instant Access 24/7/365 or book in advance.


  • Number of Parking Spaces 100
  • Total Square Footage 12000


  • Specialty Stores Yes

things to do

  • Partial Day
  • Recreation
  • Sporting Events
  • Yes