The Escape Effect At Odds With The Gods Apollo Artemis
The Escape Effect A Knight To Escape
The Escape Effect Sherlock Studies
2 Players in A Knight To Escape
Escape Effect Holiday 2022
Winner of Orlando Magazine’s Best Entertainment Experience 2020, 2021 & 2022! Stop playing the same escape rooms that you can play anywhere and try something truly unique. Choose from four different and customizable 75, 90 and 120-minute adventures. More puzzles, more time, and more fun! Navigate through the castle to reunite with your teammates before you face imprisonment within the dungeon forever, in Florida’s only 2-hour escape room, A Knight To Escape. Face off against the Greek gods and goddesses, and defeat their challenges to become immortal in At Odds with the Gods. Put on your deerstalker and pick up where Sherlock left off, solve the murder, and deliver the evidence in time in Sherlock Studies. Play the role of modern-day ghost hunters. Equipped with specialized tools, find out what happened to Victor and his assistants in Fright Before Your Eyes.

things to do

  • Escape Game
  • Partial Day