Delete My Data

Delete My Data

You have the right to delete all of the data you have previously shared with us. Note that erasure requests may take up to 30 business days to fulfill, and that once fulfilled, neither you nor Experience Kissimmee or its partners will have access to the historical data. It will be permanently and irrevocably erased, which will limit our ability to communicate with you in relevant and meaningful ways. Use this page to easily request that your data be erased. Or let us know if anything needs to be revised instead.

Confirm Deletion

Please note that once your data is deleted, it will be erased from or fully anonymized across our platforms. Once the erasure process is completed, there is no way for Experience Kissimmee to retrieve your data. You will lose the ability to access or port your data to other providers. Please confirm your desire to delete your data using the form below.


Have questions about your privacy? Check out our privacy policy page for more information and contact options, or review additional options on our consent management page.