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Sales Co-Op Opportunities

Elevate Your Presence with Experience Kissimmee

We offer unique international and domestic co-op opportunities to our industry partners for enhanced networking, lead generation, and brand visibility. Join us as we share the Kissimmee story around the globe by promoting the destination at these prominent industry events.

International & Domestic Co-Op Events

Experience Kissimmee has many co-op event opportunities available to partners, including EXPEDITION, Florida Huddle, IPW, and EK Sales Mission – just to name a few. From International to domestic Travel Trade packages, partners can expect incredible networking and brand visibility at a discounted rate. Contact the International & Domestic Sales team for more information.

Below programs are paid opportunities to EK partners focusing on increasing visitation from International Markets and build travel trade relationships:

  • Each program has different limits on availability.
  • Each program will be registered independently.
  • All spots are first come first served.
  • Participating in EK’s travel trade programs will build up your tier status, leading to different additional partner benefits.
Program Location Dates Market Value Cost
Expedition Kissimmee, FL Dec. 1 Global $8,500 $1,000
Florida Huddle Miami, Florida Feb. 4 - 6 Global $4,000 $1,900
EK Sales Mission UK and Ireland March TBD UK and Ireland $8,750 $2,500
IPW Los Angeles, California May 3-7 Global $8,000 $1,000
EK Sales Mission Mexico Aug. TBD Mexico $4,000 $1,500


This program is designed to bring additional value to those partners continuously supporting EK’s efforts:

  • Discounted participation cost.
  • Brochure distribution at international trade shows/conferences to travel agents/tour operators (first come first served).
  • Opportunity to join EK International Sales team for in-market sales calls (first come first served).
  • A 15% upfront deposit is required, with payments made per solicitation. The credits will be refunded to you by the end of each September.
  • The status will be reset on Oct. 1 every year.
Tier Required Participation Cost Deposit Discount Added Value Benefit
Bronze Expedition, Mexico Mission $2,425 $364 3% 3 Bronze at Partners Choice
Silver Expedition. IPW, UK Mission $4,275 $641 5% 2 Silver and 2 Bronze
Gold Expedition, UK Mission, Mexico Mission $4,600 $690 8% 2 Gold guaranteed and 2 lower categories
Platinum Expedition, IPW, UK Mission, Mexico Mission $5,40 $810 10% 3 Gold guaranteed and 3 lower categories

Updated October 2023

All these programs below are offered at no registration cost to partners. Programs are put together based on budget planning and might change during the fiscal year. If that happens, EK will reach out to the partners who are participating with alternatives.

Collateral Distribution:

  • Maximum 5 partners each show, first come first served.
  • Partners are responsible for providing a SINGLE PAGE double sided flyer, must be digital and READY TO PRINT files.
  • Partners will be responsible for the printing cost of the collaterals.
  • Translation service is available at partners’ own cost.

In Market Sales Calls: 

  • Maximum 3 partners per trip, first come first served.
  • EK will be responsible arranging office visits in market.
  • Partners will be responsible for their own travel expenses.
Market Program Name
Canada Travel Agent Collateral Distribution
Canada Market Sales Calls
Brazil Market Sales Calls
Brazil Travel Agent Collateral Distribution
UK Travel Agent Collateral Distribution


Market Program Name
Argentina Travel Agent Collateral Distribution
Argentina/Chile Market Sales Calls
Colombia Travel Agent Collateral Distribution
Colombia Market Sales Calls
Nordic Market Sales Calls
Mexico Travel Agent Collateral Distribution


Market Program Name
Canada Consumer Collateral Distribution
Nordic Travel Agent Collateral Distribution
Peru Travel Agent Collateral Distribution
China Travel Agent Collateral Distribution
India Travel Agent Collateral Distribution

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"The entire EK team is very professional and a pleasure to work with! They provide great value to any organization, no matter the size. "

Lorena Garcia

Lorena Garcia

Area Director of Marketing, Orlando International Premium Outlets

"Working with their team has been instrumental in our success, and we believe other businesses would benefit greatly from partnering with them."

Paul Barrett

Director of Sales, Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando Sunset Walk

"One of the most valuable aspects of our collaboration has been the partnership between our hotel and EK. This has allowed us to get to know our neighbors and other partners within our community."

Jocelyn Leon

Jocelyn Leon

Area Sales Manager, Fairfield by Marriott Kissimmee Celebration

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