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Engage Your Audience with Seasonal Ad Campaigns

Capitalize on increased website visitation during our seasonal ad campaigns by purchasing a campaign package. With a variety of options, you can choose the package that best matches your marketing objectives.

Advertising Campaign Opportunities

Experience Kissimmee offers many different campaigns and campaign packages to choose from. Seasonal campaigns are available year-round, as well as campaign packages that combine multiple forms of advertising, including social, email marketing, native ads, and more to give you the most effective campaign results at a high value.

Reach out to your Industry Partner Relations Manager for more information.

$4M Spend

350M+ Impressions

2.6M+ Web Sessions

255K+ Partner Referrals

Campaign Dates Landing Page
Spring (Fly & Emerging Markets) & Spanish Jan. 8 - April 14 /getbold, /gran-corazon, /local
Spring (Drive Market) Jan. 8 - April 14
/getbold, /gran-corazon, /local
Summer (Fly & Emerging Markets) & Spanish April 15 - Aug. 26
/getbold, /gran-corazon, /local
Summer (Drive Market) April 15 - Aug. 26
/getbold, /gran-corazon, /local
Vacation Home Campaign Aug. 27 - Oct. 28 /vacationhomecapital
UK Consumer Campaign Fall 2024 /getbold
Holiday Oct. 29, 2024 - Jan. 5, 2025 /holidays

** Ads driving to /gran-corazon must be in Spanish

Campaign Packages Bronze SIlver Gold
Campaign Landing Page: $5K/month X X XX
Social Carousel Ad: $4K/month X XX X
Formatted Ad (multiple pages): $1,600/100K impressions X   X
Native Module (multiple pages): $2,200/100K impressions   X X
Consumer Newsletter Block Sponsor: 1K/month X X  
Consumer Newsletter Standalone Email: 4K/month (timing based on availability)     X
Featured Deal during campaign window: $1K/4-month campaign X    
Featured Listing: $1K/4-month campaign X X X
Cost $9K $13K $17K
Estimated Value $13.6K 17.2K 22.8K

XX = more than one month / In rotation with other advertisers / Packages are subject to availability

Serve display ads across the web to previous visitors. Lodging and attraction niche targeting are available for precision strategies, making this perfect for maximizing brand exposure to qualified consumers. Spend $20K and EK matches with an additional $20K. Spend $30K and EK will match with an additional $30K.

  • What: Serve display ads across the web to previous visitors. Lodging and attraction niche targeting available for precision strategies.
  • What you get: Ad drives traffic to a dedicated page on your website for quicker conversion.
  • Great for: Partners interested in maximized brand exposure to qualified consumers who have shown interest in the destination by visiting
  • Terms: Minimum buy-in $10K. EK will cover the cost of any agency fees associated with the program. Advertisers securing a retargeting campaign are required to add campaign pixels to their website to track conversions for any remarking campaigns

Explore More Advertising Opportunities

One marketing tool alone isn’t going to sell your business – that’s why we have more to choose from! Take advantage of two, three, or all of our advertising opportunities to expand your audience and boost their engagement.

Looking for exciting content to add to your marketing materials? We offer a variety of promotional content options to fit every business and budget.

Unique & Social Content

By sponsoring Experience Kissimmee events, you have the opportunity to get your brand in front of potentially hundreds of eyes. 


Experience Kissimmee has many co-op event opportunities available to partners, including EXPEDITION, Florida Huddle, IPW, and EK Sales Mission – just to name a few.

Sales Co-op Events

Explore the many paid opportunities from native ads, featured deals, and more. 

Websites & Email


"I would recommend Experience Kissimmee to other potential partners due to their excellent communication, organizational skills, and commitment to fostering growth and networking opportunities."

Alli Dabour

Marketing Manager, Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate

"I am hardly the largest fish in the Kissimmee pond, especially when you consider the world-famous attractions that are a part of Central Florida, but the EK staff takes the time to make EVERYONE feel important – not just the “big” players."

Sandra Cagan

Owner and Founder, Orlando Cat Café

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