Top Rides at Fun Spot Kissimmee

Make memories with Fun Spot Kissimmee’s exciting rides, ranging from exhilarating coasters and multi-level go-karts to classic kiddie favorites.

A father and her daughter race around a Go Kart track in Kissimmee, Florida.

Experience family-fun at Fun Spot in Kissimmee 

At Fun Spot America Kissimmee, you’ll find theme park favorites for all ages, including an arcade with carnival games, bumper cars, a carousel, and a Tilt-A-Whirl. They offer pay-per-ride and day pass options, making it easy for the whole family to have a good time.

Adrenaline junkies flock to the world's tallest coaster 300-feet-high in the air on SkyCoaster. Speed racers can also brave the Vortex Track, a four-story go-kart track with the world’s steepest banking curve. Family-friendly rides include Paratrooper (suspended cars on a spinning wheel), Surf’s Up (a giant surfboard ride that twists and turns), and Screamer (a suspense-filled ride that makes you wonder whether you're heading up or down). Little ones enjoy Kiddie Coaster, Fun Slide, and more in the Kid Spot section. 

Soar, Swing & Scream on Exciting Thrill Rides 

Giant Swings, Wooden Coasters & More

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to jump out of a plane, riding the 300-feet-high SkyCoaster may be the closest you’ll come to knowing without leaping into the sky and pulling the cord on a parachute. Another benefit to this heart-stopping experience: magnificent views. A new harness for the ride that’s exclusive to Fun Spot Kissimmee, the Sky Sled, ups the ante for thrill seekers, providing unparalleled thrills and perspectives. 
Screaming Eagles couldn’t be a more apt name for a ride that swings you through the air pendulum style and, yes, makes you scream at the top of your lungs as you soar like an eagle. It also keeps you in suspense about when you’ll be heading back down to earth. On the Hot Seat ride, the gigantic arm swings riders 180 degrees upward into the sky, then rockets them back to the ground while Headrush 360 immerses them in an upside-down world for a time by spinning in every possible direction.  
An adrenaline-pumping roller coaster, Hurricane, whips riders up five stories above ground and then around and down along a triple out-and-back track covering more than 1,300 feet. 
Imagine dropping 80 feet straight down and then inverting. On Mine Blower Coaster, you don’t just have to imagine it; you’ll experience it! It’s made of wood, but don’t let the material fool you – there’s nothing old-world about this twisting, topsy-turvy ride that’s the only wooden coaster in Florida and the only one that turns upside down in the whole southeast U.S. 

Feel heavy G forces when you take a spin along sharp unbanked turns in Galaxy Spin, a wild mouse-style coaster (single-car coaster) that rotates as it glides along the track.

Speed Along Multi-Level Go-Kart Tracks

Fun Spot Kissimmee is known for its nine acres of Go-Kart tracks. Featuring the world’s steepest banking curve (32 degrees), the 4-story-high Vortex Track’s double seat Go-Karts accommodate an adult driver and a kid companion. Chaos Track also allows for an adult driver with a kid rider. With you in control, exhilaration rather than chaos will be the result of your speedy drive. 

Delight in Nostalgic & Fun Classic Rides

Fun Spot Kissimmee features classic family rides with timeless appeal. On Bumper Kars, the drive will feel tamer than on the Go-Karts, but you’ll still need to anticipate the unexpected at every turn. If you’re in the mood for a smoother ride with spectacular views, get your fun off the ground on the Ferris Wheel. 
Soaring takes another form on the throwback Yo-Yo ride, which will have you dangling in chair swings that fly through the sky as you pick up speed – the feeling of freedom is indescribable. 
Speaking of swings, the Happy Swing may just become your family’s new happy place. You’ll be seated in a huge swing that starts off slow and low but rises ever higher and faster. 

If spinning is more your thing than swinging, you’ll want to take a turn on Tilt-A-Whirl, where the floor and every car rotate; on Screamer, which spins people around a soaring central tower and swings them in both directions while picking up momentum; and Paratrooper, which not only has passengers rotating but rocking sideways and swinging outward as centrifugal force takes over.

Kiddie Rides

The amusement park also features a Kid Spot section with eight rides that delight your little ones and never get old. Favorites include Kiddie Bumper Kars, a child-sized version of the adult ride that’s sure to evoke a smile at every bump; Kiddie Coaster, where the ups and downs are gentle and adults are welcome to ride along; and Convoy, a car driving ride for two kids. 
Baron Planes put kids in the seat of a mock vintage plane, making them feel like WWI ace pilots. The Frog Hopper (predictably) hops up and down, while a classic Carousel allows you to take a spin on a horse. The Fun Slide sends young ones and their adult companions racing down a 40-foot-slide. 

Beyond the Rides: Arcade & Midway Games

Take a break from all the fabulous rides at Fun Spot Kissimmee and head over to the Kissimmee Arcade to play the latest electronic games. Or head to the Kissimmee Midway to test your skills at classic games like Balloon Bust, Water Gun Fun, and the ball-and-hoop-based Hot Shot. They’re definitely worth a shot – cool prizes await at both game destinations!