Sip, Celebrate & Chill at ICEBAR Orlando

At ICEBAR Orlando, discover a winter wonderland in Central Florida, complete with ice sculptures, ice furniture, and ice cocktail glasses.

Experience an unforgettable night out at ICEBAR Orlando. In one half of the venue, everything (including your cocktail glass) is made of hand-carved ice. And in the other half, flaming cocktails and lively dancing light up the night in the Fire Lounge. So the question is, are you going to chill out or fire it up?

ICEBAR: Sip Cool Cocktails in a Refreshing Wonderland

When you first walk into ICEBAR Orlando, you’ll be in awe at this invigorating wintery wonderland. With 70 tons of carved ice, there’s frozen features everywhere you look – from the ice walls to the ice sculptures to the ice furniture.

Since this is Central Florida, odds are you didn’t bring your winter gear. Luckily, ICEBAR Orlando provides guests with thermal coats and gloves upon arrival, along with a greeting from an Ice Princess and complimentary professional photos.

Eventually, you’ll find your way to the bar area of ICEBAR Orlando, where you can enjoy many below-zero-themed cocktails served in hand-carved ice glasses. Try the Polar Mojito, Snow Cosmo, Eskimo Rum Punch, or Ice Queen (Bombay gin, passionfruit puree, and sour mix topped with soda water and a rock candy garnish). Be sure to keep your gloves on to protect your fingers from your icy cocktail!

If you want to take your ICEBAR experience to the next level, consider booking an exclusive VIP service. These customizable packages can include everything from personalized cocktails to bottle service to priority seating.


Fire Lounge: Warm Up with Hot Soundtracks & Flavors

If the temps in the ICEBAR get a little too cold for your liking, head on over to the Fire Lounge to warm up. Awash in red lights reminiscent of flickering flames, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered another world.

There, you’ll find fiery, smoky, and other-worldly cocktails, like the Flaming Hurricane, the Fire & Smoke, and the Passionfruit Fizz. Plus, signature shots offer a fast warm-up: try the Pink Starburst, Chocolate Pretzel, or Birthday Cake.

The Fire Lounge is also where you’ll find all of ICEBAR Orlando’s warm, mouthwatering dishes, like tacos, flatbreads, sliders, and skewers. And don’t miss out on the toasty sweet treats, like the cinnamon-dusted mini churros and the piping hot vanilla donut holes.

But the food and drinks aren’t the only things that are fiery in the Fire Lounge – so is the energy! With live DJs all night long, you’ll work up a sweat as you dance for hours on end.

Just like the ICEBAR, the Fire Lounge also offers VIP service options. Check into premier seating and even personalized cocktails!

Enjoy Date Night, Celebration & Event Packages

With the fire-and-ice theme, ICEBAR Orlando is one of the hottest (or coolest?) venues for any special occasion, from date nights to bachelorette parties to birthdays. Check into special packages for each of these celebrations to find everything from complimentary champagne to (faux) fur coat upgrades and everything in between.

Even if you don’t book a dedicated event package, you can still take advantage of ICEBAR Orlando’s nightly specials. With Fired Up Fridays, Icebreaker Saturday, and I-Drive’s longest happy hour every other day of the week (5 p.m. to 9 p.m.), you’re sure to have a blast.