Mind-Bending Fun at the Museum of Illusions

Cool optical illusions, brain-baffling scenes, and perplexing puzzles are just some of the immersive experiences at ICON Park’s Museum of Illusions.

The captivating exhibits and interactive experiences at the Museum of Illusions will trick your senses and entertain you to no end. Step into the Infinity Room, defy gravity, become a giant, and even swap facial features with a friend at this family-friendly attraction where you literally can’t believe your eyes.

You’ll find photo ops galore, so be sure to document and share your experience!

Break the Laws of Science in Intriguing Rooms

Start your mind-bending journey in one of the museum’s science-defying rooms. The basic laws of physics seem to go out the window in the levitation-prone Reversed Room and the topsy-turvy Tilted Room.

Other eye-fooling rooms play with distance. In the Infinity Room, watch your reflection go on forever thanks to a series of ideally placed mirrors. And in the Ames Room, use space to seemingly reenact the famous movie, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Then there are the rooms that’ll make your head spin. In fact, the swirling lights of the Vortex Tunnel will quite literally do that – be sure to hold on to the handrails! The Symmetry Room, on the other hand, makes your head spin in more of a metaphorical way. After all, seeing yourself perfectly symmetrical would be jarring for anyone, let alone when you decide to play around and give yourself four arms, four legs, and two heads!

Experience the Impossible with Taunting Installations

While illusion rooms are one thing, installations are another. What’s the difference? While an illusion room requires an entire room to trick your mind, an installation only requires an object or two to create a bit of magic.

The Head on a Plate installation is arguably the coolest – and the most disturbing – of the illusions at this Central Florida museum. With just a couple of perfectly placed mirrors, your body completely disappears, and you look like a headless human. Luckily, it’s a gore-free, easily reversible process. After you’ve gotten your body back, why not trade facial features at the Swap Noses exhibit? With a simple mirror contraption, you and a friend can see what you’d look like with each other’s nose!

In the kaleidoscope exhibit, you can multiply your face dozens of times.

While disappearing body parts is one illusion, duplication is another. In the kaleidoscope exhibit, you can multiply your face dozens of times. And at the clone table, you’ll get to sit around with five carbon copies of yourself.

Dive into another world through the Infinity Well (à la Alice in Wonderland), watch stationary eyes follow you through the Hollow Face Illusion, and feel like a giant with the help of the Beuchet Chair Illusion.

Love a challenge? Puzzle-lovers shouldn’t miss the Playroom, filled with mind-stumping, brain-twisting games and puzzles.

Test Your Perceptions with Op Art & Vanishing Image Exhibits

Holograms are becoming commonplace – they’ve integrated themselves into our daily lives in small ways, like on many IDs and U.S. $100 dollar bills. That said, the Museum of Illusions has a dedicated hologram collection that takes things to the next level. You’ll find dozens of holograms that disappear, transform, or even pop out of their frame right before your eyes!

The museum also has a collection of cool optical illusions. Watch motionless images move, 2D designs pop into three dimensions, and even see static images change color! Each optical illusion will bewilder your brain in a whole new way.

Give Your Brain a Gift

Visit the museum’s Smart Shop – also dubbed “the gift shop for the brain” – and take a little mystifying masterpiece home with you. With 3D tic-tac-toe, dice jigsaw puzzles, and much more, you’re sure to find a perfectly perplexing souvenir or gift.