Things are getting spookier than ever at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. The popular Halloween event is now open at Universal Orlando Resort. And that means it’s time for the ultimate Halloween experience.

If you aren’t familiar with the event, we’ve got a treat for you here with insider information for your next visit to Kissimmee this fall. Halloween Horror Nights is an annual special ticketed event that takes place at Universal Studios Florida. The event combines the best of pop culture and horror and is sure to leave you amazed…and perhaps a bit spooked.

This year, the nostalgia is back full-force as the 80s theme lingers at Halloween Horror Nights. You can experience 10 chilling haunted houses, five scare zones, and live entertainment, including a brand-new nighttime lagoon show. And of course, you still have access to Universal Studios’ thrilling attractions.

Can’t Miss Experiences

There’s a lot going on when you first enter the gates, but fear not! We’ve rounded up all the must-see experiences at this year’s frightful event.

Strange things are happening all around us…

We weren’t kidding about Halloween Horror Nights bringing the best of pop culture. One of the most anticipated haunted houses this year is Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. You’ll be transported to 1984 in Hawkins, Indiana as you walk through this iconic house, set with scenes from both seasons two and three of the hit show. With 14 rooms, it’s the biggest haunted house that Halloween Horror Nights has ever presented, meaning there are lots of opportunities to see your favorite scenes of the popular Netflix show. But beware – just because you know and love the show and its characters doesn’t mean you won’t face some unexpected creepy creatures. You’ll experience the terrifying Upside Down and all its dangers, along with facing the ferocious Demodogs. Hopefully Eleven will be around to help you escape.

Dracula. Frankenstein. Wolf Man. Yikes!

Perhaps the most frightening house of this edition, Universal Monsters comes to life in all its gory glory! If this haunted house doesn’t scare you, we don’t know what will. Be prepared to enter Dracula’s castle, run from the evil mummy, and even encounter the manmade monster from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. Step carefully – you’ll never see the Wolf Man coming.

Who you gonna call?

Halloween Horror Nights struck gold with the “Ghostbusters” haunted house. While the house was mostly inspired by the iconic original 80s movie, it features elements from all three “Ghostbusters” films, as well as the video game. You’ll start by walking through the Ghostbuster’s renovated firehouse headquarters, complete with a live performer reenacting the fan-favorite receptionist, Janine. As you continue to make your way through the maze, you’ll encounter ectoplasm-dripping phantasms in every shape and size. Beware of the Slimer!

I got five on it…

From the creative and twisted mind of Jordan Peele, “Us” is certain to give you nightmares. The haunted house follows the story of the Wilson family. It appears as an innocent game as you enter a funhouse, but you will quickly realize how eerie and creepy it actually is as you continue through its haunted walls. With mirrors all around you, this maze will make you second-guess your eyes as you spot what looks like clones in red jumpsuits. And if you’re looking for blood and gore, look no further. You’ll find lifeless, stabbed bloody corpses all around. And the cherry on top? Right before exiting the haunted house, you’ll be surrounded by dozens of people in red jumpsuits, the Tethered, who want to take your place.

Expedition gone wrong

Yeti: Terror of the Yukon is an all-new, original haunted house. Crafted by the minds behind Halloween Horror Nights, this house will take you to an isolated logging camp in Canada. It’s cold, dark, and you will quickly realize you’re being chased by a tribe of Yeti. You’ll feel the chills of the mountains as you attempt to dodge the beasts. As you walk through the camp, things will only get gorier and you’ll want to rush to the exit…that is, if no creatures stand in your way. 

Unexpected Chills And Thrills

Scare Zones

Think you’re safe when walking from one haunted house to the next? Well, think again. You’ll find five scare zones throughout the park that will keep you on your toes. You’ll feel the 80s vibe with neon colors and lights as soon as you step foot at Universal Studio, with the original scare zone Anarch-cade. From there, you’ll encounter everything from Vikings to sliced up dancers. All the scares might make you want to go hide in the conveniently placed portable toilets…but trust us, you should still be on the lookout for zombies!


You can also experience exceptional live entertainment. Returning for the fourth year in a row with an all-new show, Academy of Villains: Altered States, features a mix of dance and theatrics. This show will take you on a gloomy journey with a dance crew, along with a silk aerialist, soccer-ball trickster, and the highlight – a seriously freaky contortionist.

You can also catch the nighttime lagoon show Halloween Marathon of Mayhem, which features several scenes from your favorite movies and TV shows. The lagoon lights up with a mix of neon and flashing lights, bringing to life your favorite characters: Frankenstein, Killers Klowns from Outer Space, Eleven, Slimer, and many more.


Are haunted houses not enough to satisfy your need for thrills? Then you’ll be in for a sweet surprise when you realize that most of the attractions at Universal Studios Florida remain open during Halloween Horror Nights. But not only are the lines open; they’re much shorter than usual! Imagine strolling through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Diagon Alley™ with nearly no one around. Sounds impossible, right? Not during Halloween Horror Nights! Attractions such as Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts™ have minimal waits, and most of the time you’ll be able to walk right up to the entrance.


It seems music is the star of this year’s event. With so many iconic films and TV shows, it’s no wonder their soundtracks are present at every corner. You won’t be able to leave the event without a song or two stuck in your heard. For example, through the entirety of Jordan Peele’s “Us” haunted house, you’ll hear the eerie Tethered Mix of “I got 5 On It” blasting through the walls. It will absolutely set the mood to make you feel like you’re inside the movie. The show Academy of Villains: Altered States, features so many hits that will make you want to create your very own Halloween playlist. From Marilyn Mason to Flyleaf, there’s something to get you in the spirit of the season. Of course, to follow through with its 80s theme, you’ll hear The NeverEnding story. Not to mention…a certain call you’ll want to make after spotting ghosts.

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