Epic Feasts & Battles at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Step into the castle, feast like royalty, and watch an epic battle of gallant knights and old-world chivalry at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.

Two knights sword-fighting on the backs of horses at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

From the minute you cross the drawbridge and enter the Medieval Times castle, you’ll be transported into another world. With knights, jousting, horsemanship, an all-powerful Queen, and a Royal Court, the action will immediately draw you in. And you won’t be treated to just a show at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – you’ll get a four-course, 11th-century feast to go with it.

The Pre-Show Experience: The Hall of Arms & The Queen’s Bar

Upon entering the stone castle, you’ll step into the Hall of Arms and be crowned with the colors of your assigned kingdom. This is where you learn which of the six knights you’ll be rooting for during the show. For an extra show of support, you can head to the Souvenir Gift Shop for even more gear in your knight’s color. Flags, swords, shields, and shirts are just the beginning.

Go deeper into the Middle Ages with visits to the artifact room. Check out all sorts of medieval relics, including complex weaving looms, historic blacksmith tools, and more. For a few extra coins, you can even be knighted! During this special ceremony, the esteemed Queen will formally deem you a knight in her kingdom – and make it official with a certificate and a photoshoot.

You can also pop in to say hello to the stars of the show: the gorgeous royal horses, who have been born and bred specifically to entertain. While you’re there, you can meet the Queen’s fierce falcons and esteemed Royal Falconer as well.

Before the show starts, make your way to the Queen’s full-service bar for a drink or two. Since beer was the most popular drink in the Middle Ages, it makes up a large portion of the drink menu at Medieval Times. Order your favorite pilsner or draft beer to enjoy throughout your dinner show experience.

While beers were the most popular drink in the 11th century, the spiked, slushie-esque cocktails claim that title at the Queen’s Bar today. With medieval-inspired names like Royal Knight, Dragon Slayer, and Executioner, the names stay rooted in the Middle Ages, even if the contents of the drinks don’t. No matter what type of drink you order, you’ll get to take home a souvenir glass, goblet, or stein with the Medieval Times logo.

The Four-Course Medieval Banquet

As you settle in for the Medieval Times tournament, you’ll get to dine on a four-course feast fit for royalty. Start your meal with tasty garlic bread and then savor a bowl of creamy tomato bisque soup. For the main course, enjoy a plate of roasted chicken, sweet corn, and herb-basted potatoes. Then, finish off your delightful meal with a slice of buttery lemon pound cake for dessert. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are available upon request.

In keeping with the medieval experience, each dish will be served by waitstaff in historic garb, and you’ll have to eat your meal with your hands! If you don’t want to partake in the 11th-century fun, you can request utensils.

The Tournament to Defend the Throne

Partway through your medieval banquet, the main event begins. The story starts with the powerful Queen Maria Isabella, who is searching for the strongest knight in the kingdom to become the Defender of the Realm. She has narrowed down the eligible contenders to just six knights, who then must prove themselves worthy through a series of competitions featuring everything from jousting to sword fighting. The big question is: Which knight will eventually claim the title?

Throughout this captivating two-hour show, you’ll be entranced by the action, the plotline, and of course, the animal appearances. Majestic Andalusian, American Quarter, and Friesian horses race across the stage. Fascinating falcons fly across the sky. Highly trained knights wield their tournament-style swords, shields, and spears – all while Queen Maria Isabella sits on her elaborate throne.

The Post-Show Photos

After the battle is won and the winner is named, the Medieval Times experience isn’t over yet. Make your way to the lobby to snap pictures with your favorite knights and noblemen of the evening. If you’re lucky, the Queen may even make an appearance!