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SeaWorld's All-Day Dining plan: Is it worth it?

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My family and I spent the day at SeaWorld and decided to pay for the all-day dining deal for us all. It could be considered expensive ($34.99/adult and $19.99/child) but for once I didn't want to have to be bothered with finding the best deals and trying to make sure everyone's happy. So we ponied up the cash and then made sure we got our money's worth. And boy oh boy...we sure did! The all-day dining plan is basically like a all-day buffet at some unique and tasty restaurants. The plan allows you to visit 11 on-site restaurants and order one entree, one side or dessert, and one drink. Since SeaWorld has a strict policy against outside food being brought in (though they do allow bottled water and snack size snacks), you almost have to buy their food if you are staying there all day. Below I've listed some pros and cons of this plan so you can decide if it is right for you. It was great for us!


1. You get to eat a lot of food. There are a bunch of options from BBQ brisket to burgers to fajitas. The food was all very good and the portions are hearty. I liked that they had lots of healthy options, including fresh fruit, available.

2. You don't have to think about prices, share entrees, or worry about leaving the park hungry.

3. When it's hot or there is inclement weather, you can always find an air-conditioned retreat from the elements and grab a cold drink or snack and not think about the price.

4. If you eat at least two meals and a snack in the park, this deal can save you money. If you get there early enough to eat breakfast there you can get even more for your money. An average entree, side and drink is between $16 and $24 for adults. A kids meal and a dessert is between $10 and $12.

5. Fountain beverages are included at the cart locations, so if you just need a quick drink, there are many locations to grab one without pulling out your pocket book.


1. You eat a lot of food. Everything is so good and since it is "free", we found ourselves graving all day long. This is not a good plan for someone watching their weight. Sure you CAN eat all the healthy stuff, but when the delicious carrot cake is staring at you time after time, you are going to be tempted to choose that instead.

2. If you leave early or just don't get around to eating a lot, you can end up spending more money than you needed to.

Hungry for more? Check out this overview of all the major theme park dining plans.

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