Top 5 Spots in Kissimmee to Reconnect with Nature

Adventures await, whether you prefer low-key and easy or daring and thrill-packed. Check out fun ways to reconnect with the great outdoors.

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Kayak and experience the beauty of Shingle Creek

Vacations are all about reconnecting with those you love and there’s no better way to do this than a Kissimmee trip with plenty of outdoor adventures. There are so many options when it comes to levels of adventure. Looking for something lowkey and easy? There’s something for you in Kissimmee! Or looking for a little more excitement and thrill? We’ve got that, too!

Check out just some of the incredible opportunities to reconnect with your family while being one with nature.

See Wildlife at Wild Florida

The feeling of wind in your hair, the sight of wildlife all around you, the smell of natural Florida, and the touch of a fuzzy sloth. Now that’s what we call reconnecting with nature. At Wild Florida, you can experience all the senses and be one with nature. 

Start off with a morning airboat tour through the long waters. While gliding over the water, you’ll spot alligators, fish, birds, and maybe even a bald eagle or two. There’s nothing like taking in all the sights and sounds of this iconic adventure. Then, enjoy a hug from a sloth or unique experience of painting with a giraffe.

Once you have your up-close animal encounter, walk along the path to the alligator exhibits and finish off your adventure with a drive-thru safari tour of exotic animals. You can either take your own car through the park or choose to hop on a guided tour. 

No matter what you choose, you’ll leave Wild Florida with a newfound peace and relaxation.

Hit the Skies at Bob’s Balloon Rides

Want the best views of Kissimmee from 1,000 feet above the ground? Bob’s Balloon Rides offers the chance of a lifetime to experience the sensation of flying over the Florida wildlife. There’s something so calming when you’re up high in the air and can look down on all the hustle of modern-day life. Get lost in the feeling as you watch iconic theme parks come alive in the distance and the Florida swamps below. Choose from private or group flights.

Take an Eco-Tour at The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek

Paddle through the headwaters of the Everglades at The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek. Here, you can reconnect with nature in the serenity of the forest and slow-moving waters.

Whether you rent a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, it’ll be a unique excursion like never before. Plus, they offer guided tours that’ll teach you all about the facts of the local wildlife and fauna. There’s some rich history of Shingle Creek and the calming sounds of chirping birds and splashing waters is all you need to sit back and just go with the flow of the creek.


Explore the Treetops at Orlando Tree Trek

See Florida’s wildlife from a different point of view when you visit Orlando Tree Trek. You’ll be suspended above canopy trees and have the chance to complete 97 aerial challenges of different difficulties.

There are four courses based on skill level and you’ll be rewarded with a 425-foot zip line if you complete them all!

There are even kids’ courses for the little ones to gain their strength for the zip line adventure at the end. It’s a great place to be among the trees and wildlife of Kissimmee while making memories with your families and friends. 

See Natural Beauty at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

Explore 32 acres of Florida’s natural beauty at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. Start by mining for precious gems at the water tower and find alligator teeth, arrowheads, fossils, and more! Then, make your way to the Native American Village for a lesson on the primitive way of living. This fun, educational program gives you the inside look at the personal lives of the Big Mountain Native American Family.

After that, hop on board for your airboat tour on Lake Tohopekaliga. You can take a half hour or full hour tour through the captivating wetlands of Kissimmee. And finally, sink your teeth into some authentic, Florida-style fixins at the barbecue spot. Try gator tail, beef brisket, and many other fine cuisine options. 

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