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Our Favorite Haunts: Haunted Attractions in Kissimmee

For many, spooky season is more than just the month of October — it’s a state of mind. So, if you’re the type who loves a ghostly good time, can find the fun in a bit of fright, and wants a vacation full of thrills and chills at any time of year, Kissimmee is the place for you! Check out a few of the haunted attractions — places we lovingly call our favorite haunts — you’ll find when you visit us here in Central Florida.

Revenge of the Mummy

Ancient curses, an army of marching undead, and eternal evil — Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida might just have you screaming for your “Mummy”! And we don’t blame you. Sure, this ride starts off resembling a regular trip to a film set, but things take a turn for the terrifying faster than you can say “Brendan Fraser”. All of a sudden, you’ll find yourself traversing the Tomb of Imhotep — a soul-stealing mummy who would love nothing more than to put a creepy curse on you. Can you escape Imhotep and his swarm of scarab beetles, or will this mean mummy have his revenge on you for disturbing his slumber? There’s only one way to find out...

A Mummy looms over The Revenge of the Mummy ride
The Revenge of the Mummy (Photo: Universal Orlando Resort)
An ancient map in the Revenge of the Mummy ride
(Photo: @themeparkgroupie)

Mortem Manor

Sure, Kissimmee is the Vacation Home Capital of the World, but did you know you’ll find one of the scariest haunted houses in America here as well? It’s true! Mortem Manor is a fright fest that is sure to put your courage to the test. Once upon a time, this monstrous two-story mansion located in Old Town Kissimmee was home to the Mortison family, who spent their time collecting rare and ancient artifacts. However, the Mortisons are long gone, having disappeared under mysterious circumstances. And new residents have moved in, including ghouls and ghosts, witches and weirdos, and at least one creeper charging around with a chainsaw in hand. If that weren’t enough, it looks like somebody must have forgotten to pay the power bill because it’s dark in here. Like, pitch-black dark. But worry not! Your fiends, er, friends at the front door will provide you with a flashlight. And if we may offer a quick piece of advice, you’ll want to make sure you hold on tight to the light.

Looking for a little post-mortem after you escape the Manor undead? Head over to their boo-tique and explore a macabre mix and match of the hottest horror gear.

Mortem Manor
Mortem Manor (Photo: @myoldtownusa)

Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

At the Hollywood Tower Hotel in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can check in any time you like — but you might never leave! That’s because this is the home of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, where puzzling phenomena and hair-raising thrills are taken to new heights. As you make your way through the lobby and into the bowels of this frozen-in-time hotel, you’ll soon find yourself inside a most irregular elevator. And that’s when things start to get really strange! We won’t spoil anything for you, but let’s just say you better be ready for the ride of your life.

Exterior shot of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Photo: @imandywelsh)

The Haunted Mansion

When it comes to famous frights, the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom Park might be the most well-known of the bunch. After all, where else are you going to find 999 spooky souls waiting to welcome you to a petrifying party? As you make your way to the mansion, you might feel a tiny tingle of terror — but worry not, this mansion’s ghoulish guests are (mostly) friendly. In fact, you may find some of them might just want to tag along with you in your doom buggy as you enjoy a spirited tour of this ghost house with the most. Along the way, you’ll discover a conservatory full of caskets, singing specters, eerie apparitions dancing the day away, and even a séance being conducted by Madame Leota. Oh, and be on the lookout as you exit the mansion — you wouldn’t want a ghost to follow you home!

The Haunted Mansion at night
The Haunted Mansion (Photo: @marcopolo15)

Spooky Seasonal Attractions

While there’s plenty of spooky stuff to do year-round here in Kissimmee, the paranormal activity definitely picks up throughout September and October. Many of our world-famous theme parks usher in celebrations for Halloween fiends of all ages.

For otherworldly events the entire family can enjoy, pay a visit to the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park. Here, you’ll find some of your favorite characters dressed just for the occasion. You can also take in Mickey’s Happy Halloween, Disney Villains Halloween, and Jack’s Nightmare as they make their way down Main Street USA.

Minnie Mouse dressed for Halloween
Magic Kingdom Park (Photo: @dreamalongwithme)
(Photo: @themegdalorian)

At Crayola Experience’s Screamin’ Green Hauntoween, there’s pumpkin painting and not-so-creepy crafts. BRICK OR TREAT at LEGOLAND Florida offers trick-or-treating, meet and greets with LEGO characters, and more, while Gatorland’s Gators, Ghosts, and Goblins is home to costumed parades, the Swamp Ghost’s Monster Museum, candy giveaways, and maybe even a special guest appearance from Gatorland’s Skunk Ape!

And if you’re looking for a real fright night, make your way to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort. They have haunted houses inspired by The Weekend, Halloween with Michael Myers, and Dracula, among others. Plus, there are scare zones, spine-chilling snacks, and more. Or, try Howl-o-Scream at SeaWorld Orlando, where your blood will run cold in the Beneath the Ice and Frozen Terror haunted houses. There’s also the Monster Stomp stage show and Tormented, an icy themed bar that’s a great spot to chill.

You can learn more about all of our spooky season special events here.

Monsters pose outside LEGOland
SeaWorld Orlando

Any Time of Year, You’ll Find a Scare Here

Kissimmee is a perfect year-round destination for all those who love things that go bump in the night. To keep up with the latest haunted happenings here in Kissimmee, subscribe to our newsletter. And be sure to share your favorite scary rides and attractions with us on Instagram and Facebook using #MyKissimmee.

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