Water Park Fun Flows at Universal Volcano Bay

With waterfalls, beaches, lagoons, slides, and even a volcano, this water park is a South Seas island oasis with plenty of fun and adventure on tap.

Water flows down the volcano at Universal's Volcano Bay water park

Universal's Volcano Bay

Picture it: You’ve been transported to a beautiful, tropical island of swaying palm trees, peaceful beaches, and warm sunshine. And at the center of it all, there’s a massive volcano surrounded by lush flora and cascading waterfalls. Welcome to Universal Volcano Bay. Are you ready to explore this adventure-filled oasis? 

Slide & Glide in Rainforest Village

Towering far above the rest of Volcano Bay is Krakatau, a huge 200-foot-tall volcano. But inside, you won’t find lava. You’ll find Vol: The Spirit of Krakatau, a charismatic spirit infused throughout the water park.

Rainforest Village is where most of the fun is at. Out of Volcano Bay’s 21 attractions, 11 are in Rainforest Village – and nearly all of them are adrenaline-inducing thrill rides. First, there is the pair of drop slides, Ohyah and Ohno, located at the base of Krakatau. Speed through twists and turns in these enclosed waterslides before being dropped six feet above the sparkling pool below!

After feeling your heart drop into your stomach, tone things down with the paired Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides. While Maku is the tamer version of the two, both Maku and Puihi are exciting large raft rides that wind through lava tube-inspired paths. Last but not least, there are the fun Tonga and Raki Taniwha Tubes. These loop-filled, snake-inspired waterslides are unlike any of the other rides in the park.

Rainforest Village is also home to two noteworthy eateries. If you’re looking for burgers, sandwiches, or salads, Bambu has all those tasty dishes and more. And if you’re over 21 years old and looking for a blue Hawaiian to spice up your day, the lovely bartenders at Kunuku Boat Bar will be happy to oblige.

Chill Out or Chase Thrills in River Village

While Rainforest Village is packed with thrill rides, River Village has something for everyone. If you’ve got little ones in your group, stick to the kid-friendly activities like Tot Tiki Reef and Runamukka Reef. If you’re hoping to just chill out, the Kopiko Wai Winding River won’t disappoint. And finally, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, there are a few rides just for you. 

First, there’s the thrilling Krakatau Aqua Coaster. This four-person canoe ride is one of the most popular rides in the entire park and for good reason! You’ll almost feel as if you’re racing on a roller coaster, just with a little more water than usual.

Once you’ve had your fill at the Krakatau Aqua Coaster (because you’ll likely ride it more than once), you have the option to keep the same thrill level or take things up a notch at the four-passenger Honu ika Moana raft ride. The more intense Honu slide is like surfing, whereas the ika Moana is more like gliding along the water.

Soak Up the Sun at Wave Village

Nearly every water park has the beach section filled with a massive wave pool and hundreds of sun loungers. At Universal’s Volcano Bay, that’s Wave Village. Here, you can simply drift along with the waves, soak up the sun, or slip down The Reef slide.

Wave Village is also home to one thrill ride: the Ko’okiri Body Plunge. Arguably the most intense ride in the park, the Ko’okiri Body Plunge drops you down a 125-foot slide at a 70-degree angle! In other words, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

The thrilling Ko’okiri Body Plunge drops you down a 125-foot slide at a 70-degree angle!

You can find plenty of dining options in Wave Village – these eateries bring the flavors of the South Pacific to life in a new way. The Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club has mouthwatering, island-inspired dishes like the mango barbecue pulled pork sandwich platter or the coconut-crusted fried chicken. The Dancing Dragons Boat Bar is a great place to pop by for a tropical cocktail. And if you’re just looking for a sweet treat, the colorful Waturi fusion ice cream cone from Koka Poroka Ice Cream Kona is a crowd favorite.

Tips for Visiting: What You Need to Know 

One of the most challenging parts of visiting a water park is keeping things dry. After all, using your camera to take pictures or forgetting about cash in your boardshort pockets can backfire. That’s why Universal developed TapuTapu, a waterproof wristband that comes with your park ticket. Use this wristband to make payments, snap pictures at special photo spots, play hidden games, and even save your spot in Virtual Lines!

But your TapuTapu wristband isn’t the only way to upgrade your visit. Reserve your own personal slice of paradise with a cabana rental. Each cabana comes with padded lounge chairs, a complimentary fruit and snack basket, a small refrigerator, and much more. For information on tickets, upgrades, and more, check out Universal’s Volcano Bay’s listing or visit their website directly.

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