Discover the Heart of Puerto Rican Artistry in Downtown Kissimmee

Pottery at shops in Downtown Kissimmee

Kissimmee, Florida is known for its magical theme parks and captivating entertainment, and in the heart of Downtown Kissimmee hides a treasure locals love. Casa Del Artesano, a charming boutique, brings the vibrant culture and artistic spirit of Puerto Rico to the Sunshine State. This hidden gem offers a unique shopping experience filled with art, handmade items, and a rich tapestry of Puerto Rican traditions.

Art of Las Isla in Kissimmee

As you step inside, you'll immediately notice the inviting ambiance. The people who work there are kind and are even artisans themselves. The store is creatively organized, with each artist's work thoughtfully presented, complete with their personal bio. The items available range from paintings, handcrafted soaps, aromas, dolls, hair accessories, and exquisite jewelry, all meticulously created by artists hailing from different corners of Puerto Rico.

As you wander through the boutique, you'll be enchanted by the art that showcases the beauty and history of the island. Some of the paintings vividly portray traditional activities such as mundillo (lace making) and the preparation of pastelles or making coffee by straining it through a bolsita (coffee sock). Each offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Rico. The island shaped trinket trays and art crafted from traditional items like the pilón (mortar and pestle) beautifully capture the essence of the island's culture.

Learn from the Best

But Casa Del Artesano doesn't stop at just displaying art; it also nurtures creativity. The boutique hosts a variety of art classes, inviting different artisans to share their expertise and teach visitors how to craft porcelain dolls, hair ribbons, and even hand-made flutes known as flautas. These classes provide an immersive experience, allowing you to appreciate the artistry behind these unique creations. And you can even take home your own handcrafted treasures.

A Taste of Puerto Rico

Once you've explored the wonders of Casa Del Artesano, your journey continues just outside the store. Stroll through the back door to Pa’l Callejón (a super cool spot off Pleasant Street that means alleyway), and discover a lively atmosphere that perfectly complements your cultural shopping experience. The alleyway features a bar, offering refreshing drinks, live music that fills the air with joyful rhythms, a food truck serving mouthwatering treats (you need to try the empanadas!), and the ever-popular piraguas (snow cones) to keep you cool.

As you plan a trip to Downtown Kissimmee, definitely stop by Casa Del Artesano. You can learn more about a culture through its art, people, and food. It is one of a kind destination in Downtown Kissimmee.

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