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Dinosaur World is the worlds largest dinosaur attraction, with over 200 life size dinosaurs in our outdoor museum with interactive exhibits. Pan for real minerals and gemstones at the new Dino Gem Mine and crack your own geode at the Geode Cracker. Children can dig for fossils at the Fossil Dig and keep their favorite three. Learn what it takes to be a Paleontologist at the Exploration Cave Show, and try your hand at Dino-Trivia at the Triviasaurus Rex Game Show. Don't forget about the Boneyard where you can uncover a life size skeleton, or the Skeleton Garden where you can see the skeleton replicas. Be sure to visit the indoor museum with the animatronic dinosaurs and end your day in the gift shop. Come interact with us today!


  • Accessibility
  • EV Charging: No
  • Guided Tours: Tour Offered
  • Pet Friendly: No

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  • Duration: Partial Day