Living Room
Clubhouse Private Dining Room
Third Floor Terrace
Stay a Spell: Broom & Breakfast
BIPOC Led Business
Female Led Business
Finding the perfect accommodations is essential to planning a memorable group or vacation getaway. Rather than comparing hotels, vacationers are wondering: should I stay in a hotel or curated resort residence? At Encore Resort at Reunion, you don’t have to choose between a luxury hotel or a vacation home. You have the option to stay your way and get the best of both. If you want a beautiful hotel room, you can find it at Encore Resort at Reunion. If you want the space, privacy and security of a curated resort residence, with the personalized service and luxury amenities of a resort, you can find it at Encore Resort at Reunion. Imagine vacationing in a luxurious 4 to 13-bedroom single family Orlando rental home, beautifully appointed with a private pool. The Encore Club is dedicated to resort-style pleasures with restaurants, bar, fitness center, concierge and shuttle services to the parks. Resort guests also have access to the Water Park and its thrilling slides, pool, play areas, and much more!


  • Accessibility
  • EV Charging: No
  • Guided Tours: No Tour Offered
  • Pet Friendly: No

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  • Total Number of Units: 200