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We believe that before marketing comes research. After all, having a clear picture of industry trends, profiles, and economic data gives us the foundation for understanding who our target markets are, what they want, and how to market to them.

Experience Kissimmee is continually conducting research and gathering information that helps us plan and develop our programs and campaigns. We make this research available to our industry partners to help them do the same.

Other Research

We do research on a wide range of topics like international market trends, trip intentions, and more.

2016 Vacation Home Economic Impact Study for Osceola County
2016 Outbound Canada Market Performance and Trip Intentions
2015 Perception Study

More Popular Resources

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Marketing & Co-Op Opportunities

To introduce Kissimmee to new potential visitors and keep the destination top-of-mind for repeat visitors, we develop and plan campaigns, programs, and promotional activities.

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Industry Events

To stay on top of travel trends, broaden our audience, and promote Kissimmee as a leading destination, we attend and stage numerous industry events throughout the year.

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Collateral Requests

As an industry partner of Experience Kissimmee, you have complimentary access to many collateral materials, including our popular Destination Magazine, visitor maps, and more.

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