Outdoor Dining in Downtown St. Cloud

Breeze outdoor restaurant in St. Cloud.

Get ready to chow down and soak up the local vibes – we're diving into the heart of downtown St. Cloud's outdoor dining scene! Picture this: plates on plates of local favorites, friendly faces, and that unmistakable hometown charm. Whether you're a hungry traveler or someone who always has room for seconds, come along as we spill the beans on the coziest spots to chow down under the sun or stars. We’re entering the Patio Era, y’all. Let’s go. 


At Breeze, this open-air haven perfectly captures Florida's greatest asset – the weather! Unwind beneath their generously sized awning with great outdoor seating sampling an ice-cold beer, or cozy up indoors for a game of pool. The friendly bartenders at Breeze cater to locals and newcomers alike and quickly became neighborhood legends when Breeze opened. If you're seeking that "Cheers" kind of familiarity, Breeze is your go-to spot. P.S. Don't miss their mouthwatering offerings from neighboring restaurants Phyre Brewery and Tavern, as well as 10th Street Produce and Deli – it's a taste of local goodness!

Loading Gastropub

Roll into Loading Gastropub for endless mimosas and kick back on their chill patio – it's like your own shady spot in the sun. And here's the scoop: They're all about local love, serving up homegrown coffee and farm-fresh food from local farmers just down the street. If you’ve got a big group, don’t worry - no one has a bigger table than Loading Gastropub for your giant party. Literally, it goes the length of the entire restaurant! If it's just you and a few friends, their quaint patio right on New York Avenue will do just the trick for your visit. Paired with an order of Macho Nacho Tacos and Cinni-bun French Toast, trust us, no one will go hungry on this stop. 

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Crabby Bill’s

If you’re looking for Downtown St. Cloud town’s best sunset view, head over to Crabby Bills. Park yourself on their back patio for eating outside with picturesque marina views as you enjoy their seafood spread. Sink your teeth into the freshest catches of shrimp, scallops, and salmon from across the Sunshine State – it's like a mini vacation within your vacation. Locals love to get a mix of appetizers and watch the boats come in while sipping on one of Crabby’s sea-inspired cocktails after a long day’s work! BONUS: If you’re looking to come to Downtown St. Cloud on the weekends, live music cranks up the atmosphere here, making those bites of seafood taste even better.

So there you have it, a taste of Downtown St. Cloud's outdoor dining delights that cater to your cravings from the Sunshine State. Whether you're indulging in bottomless mimosas at Loading Gastropub, savoring the flavors of the sea at Crabby Bill's with outside seating to get those marina views, or experiencing that hometown charm at Breeze, these spots offer more than just food – they're a slice of the local life. 

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