Jul 12th 2023

The Kissimmee Experience

A Thrilling Digital Travel Series Exploring the Area’s Hidden Gems

Watch the official trailer.

A Thrilling Digital Travel Series Exploring the Area’s Hidden Gems

Watch the official trailer.

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Kissimmee, Fla. - Get ready for an adventure like never before as Experience Kissimmee introduces "The Kissimmee Experience," an exciting 10-part video series set to launch in two parts on July 17 and August 14, 2023. This captivating series will take viewers on a journey through Kissimmee's vibrant attractions, featuring a dynamic local host alongside a lineup of beloved celebrities and personalities.

Hosted by the magnetic and engaging Jen Bonner, "The Kissimmee Experience" brings together a dynamic lineup of guests from various fields, including award-winning National Geographic photographers, actors, a retired pro soccer player, stunt performers, and even ventriloquists. Together, they venture into the enchanting world of Kissimmee and its surrounding area, uncovering its hidden treasures and immersing themselves in its rich tapestry of experiences.

From heart-pumping outdoor adventures to awe-inspiring cultural encounters, "The Kissimmee Experience" promises to captivate viewers with its immersive storytelling and breathtaking visuals. The series will highlight the essence of Kissimmee's natural beauty, adrenaline-fueled activities, accessible attractions and family-friendly activities, providing an insider's view of this extraordinary destination.

"We are thrilled to launch 'The Kissimmee Experience' and invite viewers to join us on this incredible journey," said Nathanael Saldaña, Director of Brand & Content Studio for Experience Kissimmee. "Through this series, we aim to highlight the magic and variety of Kissimmee, while also providing entertaining and engaging content for travel enthusiasts and fans of our featured celebrities and personalities."

"The Kissimmee Experience" features a diverse range of guests, each offering their perspective and unique encounters with the destination in their dedicated episode:

  • Jeff Musial: Animal Adventures in Kissimmee - From monster truck rides through classic Central Florida attractions to an immersive drive-through safari, Jeff Musial's itinerary highlights the incredible animal activities available in Kissimmee.
  • Kyla Kenedy: Top Luxury Experiences Around Kissimmee - Kyla Kenedy takes viewers on a journey of indulgence, exploring the luxurious experiences that Kissimmee and Central Florida offer, from shopping to dining and relaxing in private, luxury vacation home.
  • Lolo Spencer: An Accessible Journey Through Kissimmee - Lolo Spencer shares her inspiring story as she explores the accessible side of Kissimmee, proving that the destination has something for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.
  • Luke Boden: A Tour of Kissimmee Sports Venues - Soccer coach Luke Boden takes viewers on a captivating tour of Kissimmee's sports venues, highlighting the wide array of spectator sports and participation opportunities.
  • Audra Miller: Performance Venues Around Kissimmee - Musician Audra Miller delves into the vibrant performance scene of Kissimmee, highlighting the local community theater, outdoor stages at popular entertainment districts and regional venues with national renown.
  • Carla Rhodes: Conservation, Photography, and Birding in Kissimmee - Conservation photographer Carla Rhodes captures the wild side of Florida, from observing birds in their natural habitat to exploring the Everglades on an exhilarating airboat ride.
  • Anisa Benitez: Reconnect with Yourself in Kissimmee - Anisa Benitez guides viewers on a journey of wellness, meditation, and self-connection in and around Kissimmee, offering moments of peace and serenity amidst the excitement.
  • Ming Chen: Pop Culture in Kissimmee - Ming Chen uncovers the vibrant pop culture scene in Kissimmee, featuring specialty stores, themed restaurants, and all-inclusive entertainment venues that cater to every taste.
  • Caitlin Dechelle: Adrenaline and Thrills in Kissimmee - Stunt actor Caitlin Dechelle takes viewers on a heart-pumping adventure, exploring the adrenaline-inducing side of Kissimmee through thrilling theme park rides, extreme skills challenges, and daring zip line experiences.
  • Ami Vitale: Inspiration, Adventure, and Photography in Kissimmee - National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale concludes the series by sharing her experiences capturing the essence of Kissimmee through breathtaking photography. Ami's journey will inspire viewers to take risks and embrace their true selves, from behind-the-scenes at an animal sanctuary to picturesque tours of botanical gardens.

"The Kissimmee Experience" is not just a video series; it is an invitation to join us on a journey. Tune in at thekissimmeeexperience.com and subscribe to the YouTube channel @thekissimmeeexperience starting July17 and prepare to be enthralled by the wonders that Kissimmee has to offer.

For more information about "The Kissimmee Experience" and updates on the series, visit thekissimmeeexperience.com.


About Experience Kissimmee:

Experience Kissimmee is the official tourism authority for Osceola County, Florida. Located at the heart of Central Florida, Kissimmee is 25 minutes from Orlando International Airport (MCO), minutes from world-famous theme parks and attractions, and nestled in carefully preserved outdoor spaces so visitors can reconnect with nature. Also known as the Vacation Home Capital of the World®, Kissimmee has sprawling resorts with thousands of options ranging from two-bedroom condominiums to 15-bedroom mansions. Media Contact: Experience Kissimmee Communications Department [email protected]