Apr 19th 2023

Experience Kissimmee Launches Big, Bold Heart of Florida Campaign

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Experience Kissimmee invites travelers to experience the Big, Bold, Heart of Florida.

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Experience Kissimmee invites travelers to experience the Big, Bold, Heart of Florida. As the trailblazer in destination marketing, Experience Kissimmee wanted to dive deep into the reason people travel from all around the world to our destination of Kissimmee. Travel isn’t just about seeing something new. It’s about connecting and experiencing moments that touch your heart creating long-lasting memories, leading to “Kissimmee: The Big, Bold, Heart of Florida.”

This new campaign has been carefully crafted to reflect the inspirational, emotional tone of the Kissimmee Story:


The destination. “Kissimmee” is unique and singular word and should be given top priority within the visual and audio hierarchy of the campaign. It is the first and largest word for ease of recognition and remembrance.


The phrase “Big, Bold” speaks to Kissimmee’s grand attractions, natural splendor, variety of options, and impressive caliber of activities. It also embodies an attitude of confidence, warmth, imagination, and adventure, and an inspiring welcoming spirit.


The “Heart of Florida” helps position Kissimmee geographically in Central Florida. It also denotes the genuine quality of the community and individuals here, and generates the desire to connect with self, family, joy, and nature.

“The Experience Kissimmee team loves this campaign because it reflects the grand scale of our destination,” said Nathanael Saldaña, Senior Manager of the Brand and Content Studio at Experience Kissimmee. “All of our activities and attractions are big, bold, impressive, and larger-than-life. At the same time, the concept stays clear and relatable, allowing us to translate the tagline easily in many languages for our international markets.”


About Experience Kissimmee:

Experience Kissimmee is the official tourism authority for Osceola County, Florida. Located at the heart of Central Florida, Kissimmee is 25 minutes from Orlando International Airport (MCO), minutes from world-famous theme parks and attractions, and nestled in carefully preserved outdoor spaces so visitors can reconnect with nature. Also known as the Vacation Home Capital of the World®, Kissimmee has sprawling resorts with thousands of options ranging from two-bedroom condos to 15-bedroom mansions.

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