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Welcome to Kissimmee & The Sunshine State

If you’re planning a trip to Kissimmee, there are a few things you should know about our Florida climate and weather. The winter months generally provide the most pleasant temperatures, where the rainfall is low and even the cooler nights warm up into beautiful days. (But it’s still a good idea to pack a light jacket.)

As spring approaches, temperatures start to warm up. Though still on the pleasant side, rainfall does start to increase and temperatures can fluctuate.

The months of July through September are the rainy season in Central Florida. The temperatures can often rise into the 90’s and afternoon thundershowers are a common occurrence. Evenings can be on the pleasant side, especially if there is an afternoon rain. If visiting Kissimmee in the summer, be sure to pack lightweight clothing and items to protect you from the sun and rain.

As fall approaches the average temperature and rainfall start to decrease. On any given day, it can be hot enough for a day basking in the sun or cool enough for a light-weight jacket.

No matter what time of year, it is recommended you always wear sunscreen when enjoying our Florida sun.

  • Thursday, September 29


    76 oF
    P.O.P: 99%
    Rain: 1210mm
    Wind NW 13.57 mph
    Humidity 97%

  • Friday, September 30


    81 oF
    P.O.P: 36%
    Rain: 24mm
    Wind W 7.49 mph
    Humidity 88%

  • Saturday, October 1


    84 oF
    P.O.P: 6%
    Rain: 2mm
    Wind W 3.49 mph
    Humidity 82%

  • Sunday, October 2


    84 oF
    P.O.P: 4%
    Rain: 1mm
    Wind W 3.82 mph
    Humidity 78%

  • Monday, October 3


    82 oF
    P.O.P: 4%
    Rain: 2mm
    Wind NW 3.78 mph
    Humidity 77%

  • Tuesday, October 4


    80 oF
    P.O.P: 5%
    Rain: 1mm
    Wind N 5.11 mph
    Humidity 79%

  • Wednesday, October 5


    81 oF
    P.O.P: 3%
    Rain: 0mm
    Wind N 4.31 mph
    Humidity 74%

  • Thursday, October 6


    83 oF
    P.O.P: 0%
    Rain: 0mm
    Wind NE 3.8 mph
    Humidity 76%