Mysteries of the Pharaoh
Sherlock Holmes
Female Founded Business
Female Led Business
Small Business
Each escape room has two to seven rooms, with multiple mystery and adventure themes! Become a guest to help the Moulin Rouge ladies set things up for their show! Solve the Pharaoh's puzzles to uncover a curse placed upon him! Look for clues and the true Inventor's Will before a mischievous relative takes advantage of his sudden disappearance! Become a pirate of Captain de la Francisca's crew, and sneak on board Captain Black Beard's ship! As guests of the Island Mysterium Hotel, a sudden investigation is amidst a recent diamond heist! Help the ghost of the hotel's resident dog and find the thief! Focused on a quality family fun experience right here in Orlando, ChampionsGate has a large variety of food options to enjoy before or after your escape room experience!


  • EV Charging: No
  • Guided Tours: No Tour Offered
  • Pet Friendly: No
  • Small Business

things to do

  • Escape Game
  • Duration: Partial Day