Kissimmee, Florida

There’s Room for Everyone

Make memories with the (extended) family in Kissimmee, FL

By Sam Kent

I come from a big family where vacations to theme parks in Central Florida meant shoehorning six people into a minivan and not stopping until we saw the Disney signs. Our family would stay in a cramped motel with us kids sleeping on the floor. We’d fight over turns at the sink to brush our teeth and prayed the hot water wouldn’t run out in the shower before it was our turn. Budget-friendly? Yes. But gone are the days where we have to choose convenience over comfort—in a Kissimmee vacation home we can have both.

When we travel, we travel big, which is easier than ever with all the amazing vacation home options in Kissimmee.

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Closer to the magic

Last summer, we wanted to check out the new Pandora—The World of Avatar attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom®. Knowing the new additions would be popular, I looked for a place close to the park with plenty of room for my wife, three kids, two parents, and me. Now, I love my family, but we needed a space with plenty of, well, space. In my research, I found Magic Village Resort, a new vacation home community near Disney’s Animal Kingdom®. It was perfect.

Living room of the Casa Duplex in Magic Village in Kissimmee, FL
Kitchen and dining room of a vacation home in Magic Village in Kissimmee, FL
Bedroom with a view at Magic Village in Kissimmee, FL
Tree from Animal Kingdom near Kissimmee, FL

We were amazed at how nice our four-bedroom home was—complete with a pool view. My father quickly set down his bags and took a look around. “Wow, we never stayed at a place this nice when you were growing up.”

“Maybe not, Dad. But we still had a blast, and that’s what I remember most.” He smiled and nodded as he picked up his bags to claim a bedroom with my mom.

The kids quickly found their spots, and we all got settled in for our big day at the park. The next morning, we took our time because we were only a few minutes away from Disney’s Animal Kingdom®. It was actually much closer than many of the Disney resorts!

We also found that having all the conveniences of home—in this case, the washer and dryer—came in handy after we returned from riding Kali River Rapids. I should have read the warning signs about getting wet! In the past, we’d let our clothes drip-dry in the bathtub; now, we could actually do laundry.

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That night, we decided to grill out on the patio and enjoy the warm evening breeze together. I did my best not to burn the burgers, which became much easier when my dad stepped in with some tried-and-true tips. The kids happily inhaled everything, even my first attempts—a day at the parks will kick up an appetite. With the kids in bed and my parents turning in early, my wife and I got to enjoy the hot tub. It was a perfect way to end our first day.

What makes a vacation home in Magic Village special is that we have more freedom to do what we want, explore what we want, and create memories the only way we know how, as one family. Magic Village gave us just that.

From then on, I knew vacation rentals were a good idea and when it came time to plan a family reunion recently, I knew we’d use one again. But this time, we’d need to go bigger.

Something for the whole family

We wanted to have a family reunion in Central Florida not long ago. It was hard for our extended family to resist a trip to the Sunshine State, but if people stayed in different hotel rooms all over the area, it wasn’t going to make for a great reunion. We had 20 family members coming down from all over the country, so we needed a big place with all the bells and whistles. Fortunately, we found a perfect solution with Jeeves Florida Rentals in Kissimmee.

I had a blast at the attractions during the day, but the evenings always brought the family together again.

There were bedrooms upon bedrooms, some with “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” themes; bathrooms upon bathrooms; and even a game room, arcade, and theater. My cousin Jeff, the cinephile of the bunch, immediately gravitated to the theater and picked out movies each night for everyone to watch.

Meals were a breeze. Instead of eating out, which would have been a nightmare since we had an entire platoon of hungry Kents to feed, we bought groceries at a nearby supermarket and had everything planned for the week. I’ll never forget the first morning when Uncle Mike and I got up early to make breakfast. We went through four dozen eggs like it was nothing. The smell of coffee wafting through the air seemed to bring everyone down the stairs—while some used the elevator. Yes, we had an elevator. Pots, pans, plates, and utensils? They were all there in the vacation home. We didn’t have to worry about a thing.

A kitchen in a Jeeves vacation home in Kissimmee, FL
A home theater in a Jeeves vacation home in Kissimmee, FL
An outside pool at twilight in a Jeeves vacation home in Kissimmee, FL
A playroom in a Jeeves vacation home in Kissimmee, FL
A living room in a Jeeves vacation home in Kissimmee, FL

In the evenings after our excursions at the area attractions, you could find the family scattered around. In the kitchen, my daughter helped my mother with her legendary spaghetti dinner while upstairs, my dad showed my sons how to play pool (he’s quite the pool shark!). After dessert, you could find us all outside in the warm evening air—relaxing around or in the pool, swapping stories about our favorite moments from the day. I had a blast at the attractions during the day, but the evenings always brought the family together again. The kids splashed around, their parents soaked in the adjacent hot tub while my parents relaxed on patio chairs, just holding hands and watching.

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Time with family

The most valuable thing on a family vacation is time and how you spend it. When we stay at a place with room for everyone, it means more time with family—whether it’s time in the kitchen making a meal or lounging in the pool to cool off after a day at the theme parks. More time equals more memories, and you can never have too many of those.

We Make Room For The Whole Family Vacations