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By Jessica Castro, Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Experience Kissimmee

Consumer brand marketing is strategic. It‘s focused, integrated, and rooted in insight that sparks creative execution and implementation for marketing efforts. However, to effectively compete in today’s evolving and dynamic multi-platform and multi-faceted marketing environment, it also must be laser-like focused on the end consumer. To accomplish this, it’s important to fully understand who your consumer is and who your product or experience appeals to.

Consumer Personalization

Have you ever been served an advertisement that simply doesn’t resonate with or appeal to you? Have you visited a retail location for the first time and the cashier immediately asks you to join the store’s loyalty program? There’s a reason you don’t feel impacted by such efforts – it’s not personalized marketing.  

Today’s consumer requires strategic personalized marketing. In fact, consumers expect it. The best way to get in the right mindset of a consumer when developing marketing strategy is by thinking about your own purchasing path and decisions. Put yourself in the buyer’s seat. Through this lens, your consumer brand marketing plans should consist of: 

  • Who you want to speak to
  • What you want to say
  • Why consumers should care about what you want to say
  • When is the best time to reach them
  • Where you can best capture their attention
  • How you can get your message across to them successfully

Targeted Creative Content

Whether you’re selling a physical product or an experience, your marketing efforts should always keep your consumers top-of-mind. You should know the journey they take to making a purchasing decision so you can step in front of them with creative content that captivates them to purchase. The creative execution should also thread a consistent look, feel, tone, and visual representation, as well as a consistent thematic wrap across multiple platforms to build brand equity. Strategic marketing plans place your dollars where your consumers will be exposed to these creative efforts.

Strategic Research and Execution

Our focus at Experience Kissimmee is to be a fully-integrated marketing and communications team, and building strategic, targeted campaigns is the key to accomplishing this. But before we go to market with any campaign or even individual tactics, we want to ensure the end goal of our efforts is being achieved which requires extensive market research to set an achievable and effective goal. 

Strategic goals must be both visionary and goal-oriented. They need to be strategically sound to sustain the years it may take to achieve them and keep the organization motivated for the long-haul. Shared strategic goals remind your organization to stay focused and provide permission to pass on opportunities that may derail the course. 

In the end, the size of your organization is irrelevant. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to nonprofits, all independent organizations can benefit from strategically-aligned goals that the entire organization can get behind. This not only helps build company culture and moves projects along, but it also establishes a clear vision and direction, both necessary for successful business and marketing efforts.