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Experience Kissimmee's brand new website features enhanced capabilities and a customer-centric approach to learning all about our great destination. With the new site comes new opportunities for you as a partner to present yourself to visitors looking for things to do, places to stay, and ways to save. Plus, with a responsive design, you can be sure that all of your business information is available and accessible across devices - desktop, tablet, and mobile. Here are a few steps you should take in PartnerNet to make sure your listing is appealing to the travelling public.

1. Use a Beautiful Primary Photo

Example Listings for Hotels & Resorts
Example Listings (click image for full size) - Partner listings will appear as tiles in a grid, which resizes as part of the responsive design. The initial order is random, but can be reordered based on offer availability or proximity to landmarks and other partners. They can also be filtered based on amenities.

For most website visitors, your primary photo will be their first impression of your business. For the best presentation, upload a new image in PartnerNet and: 1) check your aspect ratio to make sure the photo isn't stretched or squished, 2) make sure it's at least 1800x1400 pixels and saved as JPEG or JPG format, 3) center the subject so it looks good across devices in the responsive design, and most importantly 4) don't use a logo as the primary image!

2. Add a Deal... or 3

Example Listings for Hotels & Resorts
Example Listings Sorted by Deals (click image for full size) - Users can prioritze listings by partners that offer deals. Partners offering deals also receive a call-out on their tiles, drawing more attention from users.

Adding one or more deals increases your exposure to site visitors. The new site makes deals accessible and prominent across the site, instead of relegating them to a specific silo. Visitors can see deals among listings, within a listing, and even on the homepage. Adding multiple deals helps fill out the available real estate on your listing. Just make sure the deal name denotes which audience it targets (AAA, military, Florida resident, etc.) so users know whether it's applicable to them.

3. Listing Details

Example Listings for Hotels & Resorts
Example Partner Listing Gallery and Contact (click image for full size) - Listing detail pages are much more visual, so many partners will need to upload new images to prevent blurry or pixelated displays.

a. Add multiple images in PartnerNet - and take down anything outdated or too small. Your primary image, which appears in the listings grid, carries over as the primary image for your listing gallery. The more images you provide, the better impression you can make. Highlight guest emotions, experiences, and key amenities that can influence their purchase decision. All photos are subject to same specifications: at least 1800x1400 pixels, saved to JPEG or JPG format, with centered subject for automatic resizing/cropping in responsive design.

b. Upload a new logo in PartnerNet. Make sure it's least 500x500 pixels, preferably saved as a PNG file with a transparent background. JPEG and JPG formats are also accepted, but won't display transparent backgrounds.

c. Update your contact information in PartnerNet, including phone number, physical address, email address, and website. Note that th new site makes use of telephone friendly links, which allows users to tap your phone number and call you directly from the website. Always use a physical address, instead of a corporate or mailing address. The site includes features that allow users to see how close your business is to airports and major attractions based on the address you provide.

d. Write a compelling description for your business in PartnerNet. Keep in mind the target audience for your listing (meeting professionals, family vacationers, etc.). Aim for as close to the maximum character count of 1,200 characters as possible - this will the length of your description relatively even with the landmark locator map, which is visually pleasing for users. Descriptions will be reviewed for compliance with established guidelines.

Example Listings for Hotels & Resorts
Example Partner Listing with Description and Map (click image for full size) - Listings display more information in a better layout than before. The visual balance of the elements is contingent upon following the guidelines and specifications mentioned on this page and in PartnerNet.

e. Verify your amenities in PartnerNet. Make sure they are accurate and follow established partner guidelines. Visitors can search for and filter listings by the available amenities, so if shuttles or free Wi-Fi are important for your guests, make sure that's included in your listing. Likewise, make sure anything outdated or no longer applicable is removed so we can ensure accuracy and a positive visitor experience.

Example Listings for Hotels & Resorts
Example Partner Listing with Amenities (click image for full size) - Amenities are easily accessible, and they're also indexed for the site search and listing filter functions. Accuracy and completeness are paramount.

f. Verify your meeting facilities information in PartnerNet if you have meeting facilities at your business. Make sure your capacities and room information are up-to-date and accurate so meeting planners with specific meeting facility requirements can find you as they search and filter.

Example Listings for Hotels & Resorts
Example Partner Listing with Meeting Facilities (click image for full size) - Meeting facility details are easily accessible, and they're also indexed for the site search and listing filter functions. Accuracy and completeness are paramount here as well.

g. Did we mention that adding deals in PartnerNet is a good idea? They appear within your listings to help close the deal among users, so it's important to note whether they apply to specific audiences (AAA, military, Florida residents, etc.) so users can determine the best fit for them.

Example Listings for Hotels & Resorts
Example Partner Listing with Deals (click image for full size) - Deals and offers appear within listings and are an effective way to encourage engagement with users, encouraging purchase through urgency, and ultimately helping your bottom line.

4. Add Deals Regularly

Example Listings for Hotels & Resorts
Example Deal Details (click image for full size) - Deal details help provide additional context and allow your business to communicate requirements and contingencies. The effectiveness of deals depends partly on your site's conversion path.

Because it bears repeating- adding deals and offers in PartnerNet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your listing stand out, and in turn drive more traffic to your listing page and ultimately through your doors. Your primary image in PartnerNet will pull through as the deal image, so ensure the image will work well in the horizontal space also. When you add your deals, verify that the validity dates are accurate, include necessary details in description including redemption instrucutions (e.g. entering a promo code when booking online). The redemption button links out to whatever URL you specify - so if possible create a landing page on your end or prepopulate your booking engine with the required promo code to make purchase easy for the guest.

If you have any questions about updating your listings or offer, or if you need any help along the way, please contact Emily Shorrock at EShorrock@experiencekissimmee.com or 407-569-4841.

5. BONUS: Boost Your Exposure with Advertising

Once you have a solid listing with great imagery, enticing offers, and tracked links to your website, it's time to drive traffic to your business. From featured listings to homepage placement and matching retargeting co-op, there are programs available to suit all budgets and needs. See all the available website ad placements here and get the scoop on retargeting here. If you want to learn more, please contact Danah Heye of Madden Media at DHeye@maddenmedia.com or 727-542-5462.