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Apply for an Experience Kissimmee Grant

The Tourism Enhancement Grants Program of Experience Kissimmee offers funding assistance to businesses who develop and stage special events and projects in Osceola County that increase revenue, promote tourism, and enhance the county’s appeal to visitors. If you fill out our Grants Application Form—providing an event description, marketing plan, and budget—you could qualify for one of these grants.

Please complete the form below and email it to Kayla Duench at KDuench@experiencekissimmee.com.
For questions or more information, please call 407-569-4852.

Download 2018-2019 Grants Application Form

2018-2019 Grants Application

Grant Resources

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W192 Development Authority

This agency offers grants related to the redevelopment and revitalization of the W192 tourism district.

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Experience Kissimmee Grants

If you’re conducting a special event or project in Osceola County, see if you qualify for funding assistance.

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Grants Manual

This integral resource covers everything from funding considerations to project viability and reporting.

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