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A Check List for Your Kissimmee Family Reunion

Between connecting and reconnecting with family members, deciding on venues and accommodations, and coming up with an itinerary that pleases everyone, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into planning a happy and successful family reunion.

That’s why we’ve created this handy reunion planning calendar to keep you on track (before you feel things are going off the rails). Don’t worry, Experience Kissimmee is here to help!

18 – 24 Months Before Your Reunion

  • Determine interest and develop a mail/email list. Getting information out in a timely manner is key to the success of your reunion. Keep the communications flowing. Here are some communications suggestions:
    • Save-the-Date card – Gives notice to start planning. Send about 18 months in advance
    • Family Newsletters – Keep everyone tuned in as plans are confirmed. Begin about a month or two after the Save-the-Date card goes out.
    • Website – Create your own family reunion website
    • Facebook – Create your own Facebook family reunion group. It’s a great way to keep everyone up-to-date, and replaces the need for the newsletter if everyone is on Facebook.
  • Develop and mail/email a reunion survey. This is helpful especially if this is the first reunion you have had in a while. You need to check and see if family members are interested and will attend. Give them several potential destinations. (Make sure Kissimmee is at the top of the list, of course!)
  • Form reunion committees and establish duties. Some possible committees that are helpful:
    • Hotel/Motel Selection
    • Budget & Finance
    • Correspondence & Communication
    • Programming & Activities
    • Family History
    • Registration
    • Reunion Booklet/Program
  • Start keeping records of everything.
  • Develop a timeline based on this Reunion Planning Calendar.
  • Develop a budget and bookkeeping system.
  • Select two or three potential dates.
  • Contact Experience Kissimmee.
  • Scout locations and facilities. Experience Kissimmee can help—at no charge!
  • Develop a reunion website.

12 – 18 Months Before

10 – 12 Months Before

  • Set up room blocks and final lodging negotiations.
  • Meet with and get updates from reunion committees.
  • Send out registration packets. Some items to include:
    • Brochure about Kissimmee
    • Airport information (Orlando International Airport is about a 20-30-minute drive to most lodging properties in Kissimmee)
    • Hotel information, room rates, booking code, and booking deadline
    • Tentative itinerary/agenda with itemized costs
    • Registration form to return to reunion organizer; form should include:
      • Name
      • Mailing address (city, state, zip code)
      • Phone number
      • Email address
      • Number of attendees
      • Number of sleeping rooms needed
      • T-shirt sizes
      • Special needs i.e. handicapped room, dietary needs, etc.
      • Deposit required/enclosed
  • Get quotes for keepsakes and souvenirs. Remember: Book your reunion through Experience Kissimmee and receive your personalized t-shirts FREE!
  • Consider arranging a family fundraiser. To help offset costs and to set up scholarships for family members who have limited funds, a fundraiser (family garage sales, a raffle, etc.) is a great idea. Try to help make the reunion affordable for everyone in the family.
  • Update your reunion website and/or Facebook page.

6 – 10 Months Before

4 – 6 Months Before

2 – 4 Months Before

6 Weeks Before

  • Complete your directory/memory book; deliver to printer.
  • Meet with and get updates from reunion committees.
  • Write a checklist for reunion tasks and assign to committees.
  • Designate assignments for volunteers.
  • Create an evaluation form. You’ll want feedback from family members to help with plans for your next reunion. We invite you to return to Kissimmee!
  • Submit personalized souvenir orders for items other than your t-shirts.
  • Finalize t-shirt order. Your t-shirts are free when you book your reunion through Experience Kissimmee.
  • Send final reminder notice. (Getting excited, can't wait to see you there!)
  • Update your reunion website and/or Facebook page.

2 Weeks Before

  • Purchase last-minute decorations and incidentals.
  • Use your reunion website and emails to send any last-minute notices or reminders.
  • Reconfirm accommodations and all event or activity arrangements and reservations.
  • Review final checklist.

1 Day Before

  • You and the planning committee arrive in Kissimmee.
  • Your t-shirts will be delivered to your headquarters’ lodging facility.
  • Review final details with the planning committees.
  • Meet with location staff contacts.
  • Solve last-minute problems.
  • Decorate for events.
  • Set up registration table and signage.

Reunion Day(s)

  • Check on rental equipment, set-up, etc.
  • Juggle details: volunteers, food, photographer, games, entertainment.
  • Register attendees.
  • Hand out itinerary and welcome bags. Experience Kissimmee will provide plastic registration/goodie bags for free! (Be sure to include an evaluation form.)
  • Enjoy!!!


  • Reflect and evaluate; note what worked, what didn't.
  • Collect evaluation form from attendees.
  • Complete bookkeeping and settle accounts.
  • Write thank-you notes.
  • Prepare a follow-up newsletter to attendees and include treasurer’s report and summary of evaluations.
  • Elect or select officers or next reunion committee.
  • Decide to return to Kissimmee again for your next reunion!!!
  • Start planning your next reunion. Schedule dates with Experience Kissimmee.