Be Perfectly Whelmed

Whelmed (adj.)

A state of elevated contentment, found only in Kissimmee, that occurs when one finds the perfect balance between excitement and relaxation.

“A film that somehow both calms and invigorates.”

In the heart of Central Florida lies a new emotion. Join award-winning filmmaker, Tyler Measom, as he takes his television crew on an eye-opening journey. Finding Whelmed tells the tale of a missing television host and what his crew experiences as they set out to find him. With surprising revelations and characters from all walks and species of life, the search leads to an unexpected destination.


Your Perfect Vacation is Possible

Trying to find a vacation where you can relax by the pool, the kids can embark on epic adventures, and everyone can just eat, enjoy, and be fully together in the moment? Yes…this is what we like to call vacation nirvana, and in Kissimmee, Florida, it’s finally possible.

Get Inspired #Whelmed
Get Inspired #Whelmed

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