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Your Itinerary For Vacation Nirvana

In Kissimmee, there’s a little something called vacation nirvana. This means you’ll always have something to do here, but will never feel pressured to do it all. It’s a place where friends and family can come to relax, have fun, and — most importantly — just be together. Vacation nirvana is a place where you'll never feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed, just perfectly Whelmed.

So, how can you reach such a state of mind? That’s up to you! But your vacation planner extraordinaire, Mimi (check out her latest Kissimmee vacay photo above), is here to help! She’s our chatbot who knows a lot, and when it comes to making a plan, you’ll be her biggest fan. In fact, she’s put together this great two-day itinerary full of thrills and relaxation as an excellent example of how you can achieve vacation nirvana in Kissimmee, Florida.

Day 1: Start Your Day Flying Up, Up, and Away - Maverick Balloon Adventures

A hot air balloon takes off
Orlando Balloon Adventures

It’s important to get your bearings when visiting somewhere new. That’s why your vacation should start with a visit to Maverick Balloon Adventures, where an early morning flight gives you a whole new perspective on the landscapes of Kissimmee. Take in a kaleidoscope of colors from orange groves and green marshlands to the vibrant patterns of your hot-air balloon. Then, take the time to snap some unforgettable photos as you soar 3,000 feet in the sky.

Day 1: Zip Through a Forest of Fun - Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

Women tackle the obstacle course at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure
Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

Ready to unleash your inner Tarzan? Swing on over to Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. This awesome aerial obstacle course is home to nearly 100 challenges for vacationers of all ages. Climb ladders to the top of a pine tree forest, cross suspended bridges, leap into hanging nets, and even balance on skateboards in the trees. And it all leads up to the grand finale: flying through the forest on a 425-foot zip line. What a rush!

Day 1: Let the Evening Spring to Life - Disney Springs

After a big day of flying high and swinging through the sky, head on over to Disney Springs for a fun-filled evening of entertainment. The best thing about Disney Springs is that there’s something for everyone with over 100 shops, more than 60 places to eat, and nearly two-dozen attractions, shows, and events. Grab a bite to eat at the Disney Food Trucks on the West Side, make a fast break for the Hall of Champions at the NBA Experience, or enjoy some “spare” time bowling together at Splitsville Luxury Lanes.

From the skies to Disney Springs, day one of this itinerary has a little bit of everything! And the best part is, you can try something entirely different on day two. Head back to your accommodations for a restful sleep and get ready for another perfectly Whelmed day in Kissimmee.

Day 2: Paddle Your Worries Away - The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek

A woman kayaks at the Paddling Center at Shingle Creek
The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek
A man rides a paddleboard at the Paddling Center at Shingle Creek
The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek

Your second day of vacation nirvana begins at The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek — the perfect place to discover the natural beauty of Kissimmee by kayak. Choose from one- and two-person kayaks, as well as canoes and paddle boards, and head out for a leisurely paddle or guided eco-tour. While you’re on the water, keep an eye out for some of our native wildlife including turtles, eagles, deer, otters, and yes, even alligators!

Day 2: “Seas” the Day - Universal’s Volcano Bay

A girl rides a slide at Universal's Volcano Bay
Universal’s Volcano Bay

After a relaxing time on the water, it’s time to make a splash in the water at Universals Volcano Bay. This South Seas oasis in the heart of Central Florida is home to thrilling water slides, winding rivers, and beautiful beaches. Feeling brave? Descend down Krakatau on Ko’okiri Body Plunge. Maybe you’d rather relax? Float away along the Kopiko Wai Winding River. Or, escape to a personal paradise in a private cabana, complete with concierge service. One thing’s for sure: At Volcano Bay, it’s easy to take a ride on the wild — or the mild — side.

Day 2: Travel Back in Time - Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Knights ride horses at Medieval Times
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
A family dines at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Why choose between a delicious meal and excellent entertainment when you can have both at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Step inside the Medieval Times castle and be transported back in time to 11th-century Spain to watch six knights compete in a tournament for the ages. They’ll mount their noble steeds to joust, battle in hand-to-hand (and sword-to-sword) combat, and try to impress their queen — all while you feast on a four-course meal and cheer them on. A blast from the past that’s fun for all ages, get ready to have the medieval time of your life!

Find Your Vacation Sweet Spot. Only in Kissimmee.

Mimi relaxes in a chair

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or an ease chaser, Kissimmee is a place where everyone can find their perfect balance. And if you loved this two-day itinerary, Mimi can help you plan one of your very own. She’s our go-to gal for sharing everything that’s waiting for you here in Central Florida — and she’s always at the ready with a perfect suggestion on where to stay, what to do, and where to go. Best of all, you can chat with her right now! Just click the chat bubble on the bottom-right of the screen to get started on your path toward vacation nirvana.

And for even more insider information on planning a perfectly Whelmed vacation of your own, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.


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