Video: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone With Doctor Mike

The last time we saw Doctor Mike, Social Media’s Most Followed Doctor, he was reminding us all how important it is to take a break for yourself and your family. And, because he enjoyed his first visit so much, we invited Doctor Mike back to experience even more of what makes a Kissimmee vacation one of the best around.

Sometimes, taking a vacation is all about trying something new. And Doctor Mike’s trip was no exception. Now, he’s back and ready to tell the world about the limits he tested on his trip to Kissimmee. Since our job is to make ‘take a walk on the wild side’ vacations, we’re on board with Doctor Mike’s mission to get you to take that time off and step outside of your comfort zone.


From taking his vacation to new heights, to making a few new “friends”, Doctor Mike learned a lot by facing his fears in Kissimmee. Here are some of the insights he shared:

You Conquer Your Fears Through Exposure

Doctor Mike had never really come face-to-face with his fear of heights until he arrived to fly an actual aircraft. By going up, way up, on a WWII aircraft with an experienced pilot, Doctor Mike discovered that the high life isn’t as bad as he thought. Not only did he feel comfortable enough flying through the air, but Doctor Mike was also able to drive the plane himself.

His pilot said it best: “I’ve never seen anyone that was afraid to fly that was still afraid when they landed”.

Sometimes, You Need to Feel Uncomfortable to Succeed

Doctor Mike’s a sporty dude, but before he stepped foot on Celebration Golf Club, he had never given it a go on the green. When you’re known for picking up physical activities super easily, trying something new can be intimidating. Nevertheless, Doctor Mike donned his polo, grabbed a driver, and took the best swing he could. As you’ll see in the video, he was more of a natural than he thought. The lesson here? Don’t let your comfort zone stop you from trying something new. We learn and grow by trying new things.

Want to give golf a go? Book some time with Celebration Golf Club’s team of experts.

You Earn Self-Esteem by Overcoming Challenges

Doctor Mike’s first trip to Gatorland Orlando included a zip-lining adventure and a one-on-one feeding with some of the thousands of gators in the park. This time, we took Doctor Mike behind the scenes at the park to meet some of Gatorland’s lesser-known critters.

Things were going great for Doctor Mike when he held a tarantula, but a tip-off from his cameraman led him to face his biggest fear: a live scorpion!

What did Doctor Mike learn? Don’t trust your cameraman. Just kidding! Doctor Mike learned that by taking a deep breath and tackling something you never thought you could face, you end up on the other side a bigger and better person.

Want to meet all of the cool critters of Gatorland Orlando? Book your next trip to the park.

Don’t Forget to Take a Break

Of course, Doctor Mike didn’t tackle all of these challenges in one day. He made the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center his home base so he could embark on each adventure refreshed and well-rested.

We’ve always believed vacations are good for you, and trying new things is a part of that experience. Don’t take our word for it, though, watch the video to see Doctor Mike learn and grow. Want to recreate Doctor Mike’s vacation? Let’s go!

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