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Top Outdoor Date Spots for Adventurers at Heart

Love is in the air here in Kissimmee, Florida. We’ve scouted some romantic spots that are unique and definitely out-of-the-box locations to take your favorite person. Whether you enjoy the adventurous outdoors or want to surprise your adventurous other half, we have the ideal Kissimmee date sites.

Wild Romance

Wild Florida is adding to the fun with a new outdoor drive-thru safari. This is the perfect time to make memories with your significant other or friends while exploring the beautiful landscape filled with giraffes, zebras, ant eaters, and so many more furry and – spikey – animals.

If you’d rather hug it out with a sloth, you can do that here, too! These fuzzy friends love giving hugs and also enjoy boops on the nose. For a true toothsome smile, visit the albino alligators. Snowflake and Blizzard are lovers from St. Augustine that were the first pair of breeding albino alligators to move to Central Florida. These two savor time together by napping in the shade or swimming to keep cool. Their romantic meal of choice is chicken.

Celebrate Your Loved One

Come for the journey and stay for the sweet treats while exploring the town of Celebration with Celebration Bike Rental. Along this beautiful bike trail, you can take pictures of the scenery or spot wildlife like alligators, turtles, and cranes. In fact, all different kinds of birds flock to the area and each have their own tune to sing. The quiet surroundings are ideal for great conversation and taking a relaxing moment for two.

After a leisurely bike ride, hop into Le Macaron French Pastries to treat your sweetheart to delicious desserts. Whatever your delight, there’s surely a flavor of macarons or gelato you’ll love such as bubble gum, rose, lemon cream, and so many more. You can even stroll into Imperium Food and Wine for a glass of bubbly to cap off your evening right down the street. With charcuterie boards and tasteful wines, it’s the best way to end the night.

Serene and Peaceful

Test your date’s wild side with an airboat ride at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. Snuggled up next to your loved one, you’ll experience a peaceful – and exhilarating – adventure.

Glide over the water on this powerful boat and – if you’re lucky – you’ll spot some incredible animals just feet away. Alligators love to nap on the surface, so they’re easy to spot. Did you know that female alligators have just the one and only mate per season? If you’re visiting in July, keep a lookout for their nests made from mud, plants, and sticks.

Snuggled up next to your loved one, you’ll experience a peaceful – and exhilarating – adventure.

After an exciting time out on the water, Boggy Creek also has fun activities and games for the more competitive couples. From Connect Four and horseshoe to mining for gems, this date spot is one for the books.

Aquatic Enchantments

For the aquatic animal lovers, stop by SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando for the time of your life! From happy penguins and sea turtles to pink flamingos and bottlenose dolphins, this happy place is better than a walk in the park. 

Stroll around and explore Dolphin Cove – an interactive area that lets you get up close with these playful animals and learn all about their behaviors. You can also explore the Dolphin Nursery where the newest marine members learn to whistle, jump, and play.

(photo: @otimp)

If you’re more into the thrills, hold on tight to your partner in chrime with a few high-flying rides. From roller coasters with exciting twists and turns to a splash-worthy water ride, you’ll really find out just how adventurous your other half is!

Slow and Steady

For some quiet time and serenity, cruise along the steady, streaming water at The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek. While paddling down the creek, you can spot all sorts of birds, alligators, and so many more wild animals. And if you’re a history buff, take a guided tour – filled with information about the history of Shingle Creek and up-close interactions with local wildlife.

You’ll spot many different species of birds and turtles lurking throughout the creek. If you’re lucky enough, you may even see a bald eagle. Did you know that these birds remain faithful to one mate their entire lives? They also create nests that can reach 13 feet! Those must be some cozy birds.

Horsing Around

Saddle up and visit Lazy H Ranch for a spur-of-the-moment date! Enjoy the serenity of riding these beautiful horses through hundreds of acres of scenic trails. Mosey along the Kissimmee Valley – which is surrounded by hundred-year-old oak hammocks and the shore of Lake Tohopekaliga.

(hoto: Lazy H Ranch)

These four-legged companions are strong animals that adore people’s attention. They also enjoy each other’s company and can get very lonely if left by themselves. So, if you happen to come by Lazy H Ranch, spend a little time loving on these beautiful creatures.


To start planning for your romantic excursion, head to the things to do page. And to keep up with more date ideas, subscribe to our newsletter.

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