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Stay Local, Cook Local

If you ask us, the best part about choosing a Kissimmee vacation home for your family getaway is the choice to do things the way you like! More room to relax, more room to play, and most importantly, more room to create nutritious and delicious meals for your family to enjoy. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to spend every meal at a restaurant—though, with the selection of nearby dining choices, it sure is tempting. Many of our vacation home rentals come with fully-equipped kitchens and some even feature barbecues to satisfy your grilling needs. Keep your healthy eating on track, entertain friends and family, and get a taste for the abundance of local ingredients that Central Florida has to offer this summer. We’ve rounded up a list of Florida fresh summer staples along with some tasty recipes to inspire your stay in Kissimmee.


Is there anything better than a juicy, ripe mango? It’s sweet, tropical flavor is great on its own but also lends a refreshing pop when paired with fresh-caught seafood. Lucky for you, Florida tends to be flush with amazing seasonal seafood throughout summer.

Leave the can opener at home and opt for delicious tuna caught on the gulf coast for a nice change of pace. For an easy poolside lunch on the lanai, we recommend wrapping up a few of these Spicy Tuna and Mango Soft Spring Rolls, featuring another seasonal favorite—avocado. This mixture of spicy and sweet with crunchy cucumber is a no-cook, no-fuss way to feed the troops when everyone needs a little cooling off from the midday sun.

When the sun starts to set and you’re looking to wow family and friends with an authentic, locally-inspired meal, look no further than this Blackened Tuna with Mango Salsa recipe. Prepare a true southern-style blackened seasoning to add a flavorful crust to your pan-fried tuna and bring mango over to the savory side with this Mexican-inspired mango salsa. Even fussy eaters won’t be able to resist the vibrant colors and zesty aroma of this dish!


The symbolic fruit of summer across the USA, watermelon doesn’t need a whole lot more than a sunny day to be enjoyed. But, if you’re feeling creative, watermelon, like its exotic amigo the mango, is fantastic for elevating everyday salads and proteins in wholly unexpected ways. With its sweet but neutral flavor profile, watermelon can add a certain je ne sais quoi to any dish.

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but here in Florida we grow the reddest, juiciest watermelons this side of the Mason-Dixon. It’s so good, in fact, that we’re positive it can help you get those greens into your little ones when strategically placed in a fresh salad. Currently, we’re loving this quick and easy Watermelon and Arugula Chicken Salad. With just a store-bought rotisserie chicken, some peppery arugula, and cooler than cool mint and watermelon, you’ve got yourself a filling, gourmet salad to impress guests with.

For a tasteful meatless option, why not try this Watermelon Salad with Grains and Grilled Halloumi.  Sweet and salty contrasts with hot and cold in this dynamic dish starring fresh watermelon and chewy, grilled Halloumi cheese. With a mixture of Mediterranean grains, walnuts, and seasonal sweet corn, you’ll hardly miss the meat, or need it for that matter.


It wouldn’t be Florida without oranges. I mean, even our state license plate pays homage to the juicy little guys. Supplying about 90% of America’s breakfast OJ, you might think you’re well acquainted with this quintessential fruit, but if you’ve only been enjoying the sweet stuff on its own, you’re doing it wrong.

The tangy citrus punch of grove-fresh Florida oranges also pairs well with the briny goodness of seafood. Treat yourself and guests to an exotic appetizer of Seared Scallops with Orange Rum Sauce. Fragrant orange zest takes on depth when mixed with sugary sweet rum to enhance the subtle flavor of Atlantic Scallops. Dress the dish up with slices of orange and a garnish of parsley, and brace yourself for a wave of compliments.

Keeping in theme, lake-caught trout gets an elegant makeover in this Caramelized Orange and Ginger Butter Trout. Whether you’re a seasoned angler who’s reeled in dinner for the crowd with one of Kissimmee’s numerous fishing charters, or a savvy shopper with a keen eye for local ingredients, nothing says Central Florida more that trout with orange. Make the fragrant butter the night before and save this dish for after a busy day spent exploring all the theme parks and attractions Kissimmee has to offer. Throw cleaned fish into some foil pouches with the orange butter and unwind with family while your dinner cooks itself. Easy as that.

Half of a ripe avocado and a mango cut in half and into squares on top of a wooden cutting board. 


Is there any fruit that ever enjoyed such social media popularity as the avocado? Avocado is THE “it” fruit right now and we don’t blame people. With its cool, green flesh, creamy texture, and savory flavor, avocados make the perfect addition to any dish. Lucky for us here in Florida, we don’t have to worry about waiting to find the rare ripe avocado, we get them farm-stand-fresh all summer! So why not get avo-control and take advantage of the bounty during your stay?

Bacon has some competition for reigning breakfast champ when it comes to heart-healthy avocados. Perfect with eggs and a pal to crunchy toast, this Fried Egg and Avocado Toasts recipe makes for an Insta-worthy breakfast that’ll keep you going well into the afternoon.

Of course, there’s no reason to stop at breakfast. Amp up avocado’s buttery flavor with a kick of spice in this Cool Southwestern Salad, co-starring Florida sweet corn. A light blend of greens gets some girth from savory pinto beans and a crunchy side of tortilla chips. Serve on its own or pair with one of the fabulous mains listed above.

A grey plate with cooked shrimp and fresh vegetables such as corn, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. 


The fruit of the sea, shrimp are as bountiful as oranges around these parts. Briny and sweet, these little crustaceans add the perfect pop of color and protein to any dish, with minimal effort! Perfect for vacation.

Opt for an easy lunch on the go and pack up these Creamy Shrimp Rolls. Crisp celery and butter lettuce add a nice crunch to this sandwich which requires little more than some hotdog buns, mayonnaise, and chives. Grab a bag of your favorite potato chips, some cold beverages, and go have yourself the perfect picnic lunch.

For dinner, ditch the cocktail ring and instead cook up these dreamy Marinated Shrimp with Mediterranean Salad. Briny olives and feta complement the bright flavors of basil and lemon in this easy salad that’s good enough to be an entrée. Small and mighty, these tasty little guys stand up to big flavor in a way that will have you questioning why it was ever a bad thing to be called a shrimp.

Bringing Central Florida flavors to your plate is just one of the many reasons to book a Kissimmee Vacation Home Rental for your next stay. For more Things to Do, Offers and Travel Info be sure to check in with us often to make your perfect plan to Experience Kissimmee.

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