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SeaWorld announces new experiences for 2017

Just when you thought SeaWorld couldn't top the Mako opening earlier this summer, the park introduced a lineup of new experiences and attractions for its guests beginning this winter and into 2017. Here are eight announcements to look forward to in the coming months:

Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerTM & Friends: Winter 2016, continuing in 2017

Join beloved Christmas character Rudolph, Clarice, the Abominable Snow Monster and more in the debut of the 2016 Christmas CelebrationTM at SeaWorld Orlando. The characters will return in 2017 along with additional Rudolph-themed experiences for families to enjoy.

Seven Seas Festival: February 2017

Enjoy culinary delights inspired by street food from Asia, the Caribbean, South America and the Mediterranean at the Seven Seas Festival, the park's newest food festival going on for 14 weekends. Guests will also be able to indulge on a variety of international, local and seasonal craft brews on tap.

Aquatica Pass Member Pavilion: Spring 2017

The exclusive pavilion will take VIP service to another level featuring concierge service, complimentary sunscreen a private entrance to Banana Beach, private animal encounters and additional offers.

Flamecraft Bar: Summer 2017

A new bar experience is coming to the waterfront area adjacent to the SeaFire Grill. The Flamecraft Bar, featuring 16 seasonal craft brews and a new menu, will provide a great place to pause for a drink and enjoy the evening light show, which brings us to...

Electric Ocean: Summer 2017

Electric Ocean will debut next summer at SeaWorld Orlando as a brand new, end-of-day spectacle event. As the sun goes down, the lights and energy go up, offering guests a different kind of fun after dark. The ocean comes to life with bioluminescent lighting, music and pathway entertainment, immersing guests in a glowing sea of wonder.

Nautilus Theatre: Summer 2017

Continuing the park's focus on entertainment, events and shows, an entirely new experience is coming to the Nautilus Theatre. The dedicated summer show will debut Memorial Day weekend.

Dolphin Nursery: Summer 2017

SeaWorld Orlando's Dolphin Nursery will become more interactive in 2017, giving guests the opportunity to get up close to mother and baby dolphins in all new ways. Large-scale acrylic windows will offer up close viewing, including multiple levels to give kids a face-to-face perspective with dolphin calves. New slide out areas and lifting floor will also allow for easier access to mom and baby for the veterinary and animal care teams.

The next generation of multi-purpose digital displays will allow SeaWorld educators to share information about dolphin behavior, biology and conservation with our guests by interacting with video from the team's educational and animal care content.

And last but certainly not least, the moment you have all been waiting for... *drum roll*

Kraken® Virtual Reality (VR) Roller Coaster: Summer 2017

SeaWorld Orlando will debut its first digitally enhanced ride experience as the legendary Kraken roller coaster is transformed into a virtual reality (VR) roller coaster experience. Using new technology, this thrill ride will be the only VR coaster experience in Florida.

Guests will embark on a deep sea mission alongside sea creatures inspired by extinct and legendary animals of the past, including the mighty Kraken. A custom digital overlay with uniquely designed headsets, fully integrated both mechanically and electronically into the coaster train delivers a new one-of-a-kind adventure. The addition of VR to this fan-favorite brings a new level of excitement and interest in Kraken, giving guests the opportunity to experience the coaster in a completely new way.

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