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Real-Life Moms Share Their Best Family Vacation Tips

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that moms always know best. This includes when it’s time to take the family on an unforgettable vacation in Kissimmee. We asked moms for their best family vacation tips, and they were more than happy to share. Get ready to learn a thing or two from the experts!

Make a List of the Places You Want to Visit

A mother and daughter run excitedly through a theme park near Kissimmee

In Kissimmee, there’s something for every member of the family—from the thrillseekers and foodies to the shopaholics and outdoor explorers. And to put a smile on each of their faces, moms know it’s important to make a list. Gather the young ones (and the young at heart) around and check out our helpful My Trip Ideas tool. After logging in, it allows you to make a list of all the things everyone wants to do when visiting Central Florida. It’s easy, convenient, and a fun way for the whole family to plan a vacation.

Pack Smart

When taking a family vacation, make sure to pack the essentials (and remember your definition of essential might be very different than your children). Sure, you’ll want sunscreen, swim trunks, and clothing for a variety of situations, but they’re probably going to want things like their BFF stuffed animal, the book they like best, and maybe the snacks they love. And speaking of smart, be sure to load the smartphone or tablet with your little one’s favorite shows to keep them occupied and content while traveling.

Set a Schedule

A mother holds her baby as they both feed a giraffe
Photo: 'doripaigestaudt' on Instagram

Busy kids mean busy moms, which is why you probably set a schedule and (try) to stick to it at home. Vacationing should be the same way (though, admittedly, it’s going to be a lot more fun). Planning an itinerary ahead of time helps everyone in the family remember where each vacation day will take them. It’s also a great way to get kids excited about upcoming activities. And, of course, you can always say “The sooner you kids go to sleep, the sooner we’ll be at Walt Disney World® Resort tomorrow!”

There's Always a Plan B

A mother and daughter meet an animal at Wild Florida

Moms know that while it’s good to have a plan, it’s even better to have a backup plan. That way, if the lineup is a little too long, the restaurant is a little too busy, or the kids are a little too tired, there’s always something else to experience. The good news is that with so much fun waiting to be had in Kissimmee, you’ll easily find a Plan B (and Plan C, and Plan D)!

Go With the Flow

A mother and sun walk through Universal Studios Orlando

It may seem like the exact opposite of setting a schedule and having a backup plan, but we trust moms when they say you need to embrace spontaneity. If the kids are having a fantastic time at one of our attractions, spend an extra hour exploring. Did a restaurant catch your eye? Stop in for a delicious family meal. Maybe a show or event is happening that has everyone excited? Book those tickets! One mom we spoke to said it best when she said, “Your vacation doesn’t need to be exactly as you envisioned it to be perfect.”


A man and woman relax while children play in the waterpark

This is one tip we heard again and again, and we couldn't agree more. Vacations can be a whirlwind of fun, but it’s also important to schedule some time to relax each day, as well as downtime activities. That way everyone can recharge before the next big adventure. This could be as simple as planning an afternoon relaxing beside the pool at your vacation home, or an evening of family time with board games and a nice meal. However you like to relax, embrace it when you’re on vacation.

From all of us here in Kissimmee, we want to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! And what better way to celebrate than with a vacation full of sun and fun? We have plenty of ways to help you start planning, including a handy vacation checklist, a planning guide, and an awesome scavenger hunt for the kiddos! And for even more from Kissimmee, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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