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Promenade at Sunset Walk Entertainment District Island H2O Live!

Searching for a centralized location for all your shopping, dining, and entertainment desires? Look no further than Kissimmee, Florida at the new Promenade at Sunset Walk - steps from Margaritaville Resort Orlando®.  Promenade at Sunset Walk is finally here to offer something for everyone in Kissimmee and surrounding areas. Just steps away from the tropical Margaritaville Resort Orlando is a treasure trove of unique and exciting amusements, tasty food, and leisurely shopping.

Check out a few of our top spots at this must-see, brand new location.

Dine Out

While the entertainment district is relatively new, there are already exciting dining options to experience right now. Take a walk through the eateries including Ford’s Garage, Bahama Buck’s, and Rock & Brews – just to name a few.

Yeoman's Cask & Lion
Big Ben Replica at Yeoman's Cask & Lion. (Photo: Promenade at Sunset Walk at Margaritaville Resort Orlando)

Dine at Yeoman’s Cask & Lion to get the feel of an authentic British pub. You’ll delight in foods from fish ‘n’ chips to American fare. Wet your whistle with any of their iconic drinks. Whether your winner is the Gin Garden, an on-tap wine, The Queen’s Crush with vodka, or beer from local areas or across the world, Yeoman’s Cask & Lion is sure to please. Enjoy weekly happy hours and weekend brunch as well. Did you know? Yeoman’s Cask & Lion here holds the tallest Big Ben replica in North America! This astonishing 61-foot masterpiece mimics the exact Big Ben bell ringing every day on the hour from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. No need to travel across the pond for this one – it’s right here in Kissimmee!

Rock & Brews in Kissimmee ignites a fire with fantastic food and favorite jams. (Photo: Promenade at Sunset Walk at Margaritaville Resort Orlando)

Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll at the Rock & Brews family restaurant. You’ll experience delicious comfort food with unique twists, a craft brew for any tune, and – of course – a killer soundtrack. This crowd-pleasing spot is perfect for the entire family, even your four-legged companions! Choose from an extensive menu of beers and gluten free ciders. Come to rock on with a Belgian-styled brew or relax in the crowd with a local light lager.

Bahama Buck’s satisfies any sweet tooth. (Photo: Promenade at Sunset Walk at Margaritaville Resort Orlando)

After a night of live music and unique food from surrounding eateries, head over to Bahama Buck’s Original Shaved Ice Company. What started as a college pop-up shop is now a thriving sweet treat spot. With a full list of shaved ice, smoothies, signature sodas, lemonades, and more – you can’t go wrong. If you’ve never had a sno cone, these sugary specialties consist of shaved ribbons of soft, fluffy “snow” showered with one of 91 Bahama Buck’s original gourmet flavors. If you’re a bit more daring, try their Super Sour flavors that surprise your tongue with bursts of tang. Luckily, it’ll leave a sweetness behind – after the pucker, that is. Watching your sugar intake? Try the refreshing Thin Ice flavors.

Even more restaurant openings are coming soon, including BB’s World Famous Barbeque, El Jefe Tequilas, Estefan Kitchen, and more. Estefan Kitchen encompasses a restaurant, nightclub, and entertainment venue owned and operated by Gloria and Emilio Estefan. The multi-Grammy Award winners are bringing the flavors and music of Cuba to Central Florida, and we can’t wait for guests to experience it. In addition to the delicious platillos, guests can expect live entertainment and a family-friendly atmosphere.

(Photo: Promenade at Sunset Walk at Margaritaville Resort Orlando)

Retail and Relaxation

Whether you’re in need of a last-minute outfit, missing your furry friend back home, or stocking up on Florida souvenirs, Promenade at Sunset Walk has it all. City Fashion is the boutique of on-trend brands that will spark your desire for a new wardrobe. When you need a quick sugar kick to keep the retail therapy going, slide into It’Sugar – a specialty candy store – to satisfy your cravings for novelty sweets, jumbo candy, and even plush gifts. Stop by Don’t 4 Get About Me for sweet pet treats and, of course, playful gifts to take home to your furry pal. Before heading out to the theme parks, you may want to stop by Skechers to grab some new sneaks. No matter what your fancy is, there’s plenty to find here at Promenade at Sunset Walk.

Combining delicious food with movie entertainment, Studio Movie Grill is the inventor of in-theater dining. (Photo: Promenade at Sunset Walk at Margaritaville Resort Orlando)

Welcome to your new favorite way to watch movies at the Studio Movie Grill. You and your family can experience blockbuster movies, a chef-inspired menu, and hand-crafted cocktails all from the comfort of your reclining armchairs. From the lobby bar and seat-side service to Digital Cinema Technology and reserved seating, SMG is a vacation within itself. For more than 25 years, SMG has offered first-run movies with delectable foods never before served at the movies. SMG takes what you know about theater food – popcorn, slushies, candy – and surprises guests with chef-inspired food and adult beverages. What more could you want?

Island H2O Live!, a thrilling new island-inspired water park in Kissimmee, is now open.

Introducing the Next Big Splash

Can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen and come on over to Island H2O Live! This brand-new waterpark opened June 5, 2019 and is already making a huge splash. From water slides and lazy rivers to lighting effects and DJs, you won’t want to miss this pool party. Grab your bathing suit and let’s go!


With all the exciting happenings in Kissimmee and so much more to see and do, start planning your next Central Florida getaway using our My Trip Ideas planning tool. And don’t forget to add Promenade at Sunset Walk to your itinerary!

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