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Another school year is quickly approaching, and here in Kissimmee, it’s not just muggles who are getting back to the books. The wizards and witches of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ are gearing up for their return to Hogwarts, too!

Of course, even if your kids are the most studious of students, it’s difficult to keep from wandering when your next family vacation full of fantastic beasts, outdoor adventures, awesome exhibits, and more will be. And while the Sorting Hat determined which house Harry and his friends belonged to, today we’re using it to inspire the perfect vacation for you!

Take this quiz with your family to find out which (vacation) house each of you will call home — and what the Sorting Hat recommends for your upcoming vacation.

Hogwarts at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Kissimmee, Florida
Hogwarts™ castle (Photo: @themeparkgroupie)

What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

A.     Ride the fastest roller coasters, slide down the tallest slides, and get my heart racing a mile a minute!

B.     Get in touch with nature through exciting animal encounters.

C.     Learn fascinating new facts to share with my friends back home.

D.    I can’t choose just one thing. I want to do it all!


Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person?

A.     As long as something exciting is happening, I’m happy inside or in the great outdoors.

B.     I’m wild at heart, so the outdoors is the place for me!

C.     I like the outdoors, but inside is where it’s at.

D.    I need to know the forecast before deciding.


What kind of vacation planner are you?

A.     Wherever the adventure takes me, I’m ready to go.

B.     I like to make sure everyone gets to do exactly what they want.

C.     By the time I’m ready for my vacation, I’ll have spreadsheets detailing every minute of my plans.

D.    I’ll plan the vacation, and everyone else can follow my lead.


What’s the best way to spend a Saturday night?

A.     Fun and games, all night long!

B.     Sharing a good time with friends, new and old alike.

C.     It’s the perfect time to learn something interesting.

D.    Checking even more off my must-do vacation bucket list.


What’s your go-to vacation snack?

A.     Definitely something new that I’ve never tried before.

B.     Something I can share with everyone.

C.     Whatever my research shows is the tastiest dessert in town.

D.    Why settle for just one snack when you can try all the snacks?

If You Answered Mostly A, You’re a Gryffindor!

A child runs through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ - Diagon Alley™

Congratulations, Gryffindor! You’re brave, spirited, and ready for adventure. For you, a perfect Kissimmee vacation means exciting experiences, lots of pulse-pounding rides, and a list of firsts that’s a mile long. For inspiration, the Sorting Hat recommends checking out our post on The Most Thrilling Theme Park Rides in Kissimmee, as well as our recent post on top things to do at nightlife spots in Kissimmee

If You Answered Mostly B, You’re a Hufflepuff!

A child drinking Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Frozen Butterbeer™ (Photo: @tinkerbootie)

Friendly, inclusive, and interested in the natural world, as a Hufflepuff, Kissimmee is the perfect vacation destination. Since you love all things outdoors, a visit to Gatorland is a must. After all, this is your opportunity to get up close and personal with a live alligator! Elsewhere, swim with the dolphins in Discovery Cove®, make friends with a sloth at Wild Florida Airboat & Gator Park, or take a ride through a wild water world at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures.

If You Answered Mostly C, You’re a Ravenclaw!

A girl receives her wand at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

We hope you’re ready to learn a thing or two, Ravenclaw (who are we kidding, you’re always ready to learn a thing or two). There are plenty of attractions around Kissimmee that are both exciting and educational. Your vacation can be out of this world at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, where you’ll walk across space shuttle launch pads, try your hand at training simulators, and maybe even meet an actual astronaut. Or take a journey under the sea at SEA LIFE Orlando to catch a first-hand glimpse of the 360-degree ocean tunnel.

If You Answered Mostly D, You’re a Slytherin!

Two women walk through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Buckle up, Slytherin, because your ambition is going to make this Kissimmee vacation a real ride! You’re never satisfied with just one choice, which is why you’ll be found hopping from attraction to attraction, making sure to see the best of everything. World-famous theme parks? You bet! Entertainment districts? Oh yeah! Shopping? Cha-ching! One thing’s for sure, Slytherin, this vacation will be one to remember forever. The Sorting Hat recommends checking out our tips for visiting both Universal Orlando Resort parks in one day. (Oh, and it also said something about taking time to relax at a spa while you’re here — you definitely deserve it.)

Pop Quiz: What’s the Ultimate Vacation Destination?

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Universal Studios Florida (Photo: @themeparkgroupie)

Kissimmee, of course! And now’s the time to start planning a getaway. But don’t worry, you won’t have to learn any complicated spells or purchase floo powder from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ - Diagon Alley™ to get here. Just use our trip planner tool and check out the latest deals. And for more tips that will have you feeling like a straight-A vacation planner, subscribe to our newsletter.  

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