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Kissimmee Road Trip Bingo

“Do ya need a break from modern livin'? Do ya long to shed your weary load?”

Goofy from The Goofy Movie had it right: Just grab a friend and take a ride, together upon the open road.

If you’re taking a road trip, the journey should be just as fun as the destination. And if you’re driving to sunny Kissimmee, we’re here to make it even more exciting! To pass the time with you and your family, print these Kissimmee-inspired bingo cards and play along the way. And if you don't need all four bingo cards at once, you can print each one individually by clicking below. 

Kissimmee Road Trip Bingo Card Featuring Assorted Kissimmee LandmarksKissimmee Road Trip Bingo Card Featuring Assorted Kissimmee Landmarks

Kissimmee Road Trip Bingo Card Featuring Assorted Kissimmee LandmarksKissimmee Road Trip Bingo Card Featuring Assorted Kissimmee Landmarks

By the time you reach our destination, you may be interested in visiting some of these spots up close. Take a look below for some tips on where to find some of these icons. The first one to find all the objects in a complete diagonal, across a row, or vertically in a column yells BINGO to win.

Wild Animals

You never know on the Florida backroads what wildlife you may spot along the way. From alligators and cranes to cows and horses, all sorts and species of animals roam around here. If you’re looking for a place to see some of these creatures up close when you get to Kissimmee, check out Wild Florida and Gatorland. Wild Florida has everything from sloth and porcupine animal encounters, a unique drive-thru safari, and even airboat tours where you might spot some beautiful alligators in the wild. If you head on over to Gatorland, you’ll have an adventure with rare albino alligators, a zipping zip line across an alligator breeding marsh, and a chirp-worthy aviary. 

An albino alligator at Wild Florida

Watch Out for Signs

Not only will you see plenty of highway signs on your drive, there’s plenty of local signs to spot as well. Whether you’re biking through Celebration Town Center or driving near Downtown Kissimmee, you’ll see signs to watch for alligators and even some panther crossings. Alligators tend to keep to themselves, but you’ll notice them on the banks of some small swamps if you’re exploring the area. Super secret hint: Some of the billboards and signs along the highway may feature some of the items on your Bingo card as well, so keep your eyes on the sky!

A sign reading Welcome to Kissimmee Florida in downtown Kissimmee

Are Those Mickey Mouse Ears?

You’ll spot the famous Mickey Mouse ears everywhere once you get closer to Kissimmee. With car magnets, annual pass bumper stickers, and even a telephone pole in the shape of these infamous ears, it won’t be hard to mark that off your card. If you’re visiting Walt Disney World Resort on your vacation, be sure to pick up some of your own ears. Although things may look a bit different now, the magic you know and love is always present. Plus, they’ve implemented enhanced safety guidelines for you and the whole family. 

Woman with Mickey Mouse ears stands in front of castle.
Instagram: @samphanith

Alternative Transportation

You may be coming to Kissimmee by car, but did you notice all of the different transportation methods you could be taking? With hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours, RVs, surfing, and kayaking all around the area, you can ride in style in whatever way you feel most fabulous. 

And once you get here, the Kissimmee landscape is incredibly unique and there are plenty of options to explore it all. Whether you would like to see the headwaters of the Everglades up close in an airboat or kayak, or view them from afar in a hot air balloon, the experience is just as breathtaking. Also, with many choices of RV stops in the area, you’ll easily spot some on the road. Check out a full list of great locations to rest and camp here. 

A colorful hot air balloon takes off

Hopefully by the time you arrive in Kissimmee, you’ll have a good idea of some incredible adventures here. For more exciting vacation inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter for updates and follow along our journey on Facebook and Instagram

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