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Friends of Kissimmee: An Interview with Global Travel Blogger Selena Taylor of Find Us Lost

For many, traveling around the world full time sounds like a total dream come true. For Selena Taylor of popular travel blog and Instagram Find Us Lost, it’s her reality. For years, she’s been captivating readers with gorgeous photos and videos, offering tips for getting the perfect vacation shot, and sharing in-depth travel guides on She’s a traveler extraordinaire with a knack for finding the hidden gems everywhere she goes. That’s why, in September 2019, we were so excited to invite Selena and her husband, Jacob, to be our guests and experience Kissimmee!

A woman eating in Kissimmee

They enjoyed the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, took in theme park fun, went gator-spotting on an airboat, and soared in a hot air balloon. Along the way, they captured photo and video footage to create a beautiful Kissimmee destination video and travel guide that summarized their entire stay. Pretty cool, right? 

Have you ever wondered how someone actually becomes a full-time travel blogger? Well, you’re in luck! We recently caught up with Selena to ask her all about her unique career and get some words of travel advice. We even found out how she’s spending her time at home while not traveling.

EK: Tell us a bit about how you became a full-time content creator? Was it planned, or did you fall into it?

Selena: In 2016, I left Los Angeles to move abroad to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I always wanted to live in Europe, so it was a big moment for me. Before settling there, my husband and I went on a three-month road trip. We drove over 6,000 kilometers, and I documented everything, which re-ignited my love for photography and travel. I had no idea at the time that it would become my full-time job. I distinctly remember telling a previous co-worker that I didn’t have time to start a blog!

EK: Why is travel such a passion for you?

Selena: My father is Dutch and my mom is Cypriot-Greek. Most of my family lives in Europe. Throughout my childhood we would try to visit once a year, and that’s when I fell in love with traveling. The feeling of experiencing new places and cultures while feeling connected to those around me has always fascinated and inspired me.

EK: What surprised you about Kissimmee as a travel destination? How would you describe it to others?

Ariel shot of an airboat
A woman looks out on the water near Kissimmee

Selena: The entertainment and fun that the area is known for, combined with a unique setting. It’s easy to absorb the energy of the city. Biking through Downtown Kissimmee comes to mind. One minute we were exploring colorful restaurants and quaint shops, and the next we were navigating our way through nature, spotting wildlife in the trees and marshland. The beauty of the region is all around, and you can see hints of it throughout.

The sky in Kissimmee at golden hour
(Photo: @benpoup)
A boardwalk surrounded by trees in Kissimmee
(Photo: @coast_to_coast_fl)

EK: What’s your best travel planning tip?

Selena: I’m a visual person, so oftentimes an image will inspire me to plan an entire trip. Sometimes I’ll find an image without a location, and I’ll use a reverse image search on google to figure out where it was taken. Pinterest will also show similar photos below an image result (just click on any image and scroll down). I’ll often use this to research a location more in depth too.

EK: If you weren’t a full-time content creator, what would you be doing?

Selena: I’ve always tossed around the idea of running a vacation rental business, curating properties around the world and renting them out.

EK: What tips do you have for someone who is just starting out as a travel blogger and content creator?

Selena: Figure out what drives you, and start from there. Oftentimes, it’s a simple idea that you can build on. For instance, when I initially planned my three-month European road trip, I found there was a lack of information tied to the photos I was saving. So, when I first launched my blog, I focused on creating highly visual and informative travel guides. If you can solve a problem for people, that’s a great place to start. Try not to overthink it. You’ll learn a lot along the way.   

EK: What’s something your followers would be surprised to learn about you?

A woman explaores Kissimmee

Selena: The other day, I got a message from someone saying they didn’t know content creators ‘took breaks’ from Instagram — since I mentioned I was taking a few days off the app. Absolutely, and I feel everyone should! It’s a huge part of my job, but I get more joy out of sharing travel guides, photography tips, and connecting with readers on my blog. I have to continually weigh being responsive and sharing between getting caught up in messages or emails and creating schedules and planning content. I spend the vast majority of my time in front of my computer.

EK: We know that you won’t be traveling for a while; how are you spending your downtime?

Selena: I’m using this time to write, get ahead on blog posts, edit old travel photos, and also take a step back. So much of my job is go go go — I’m constantly on the move. This has been an incredibly tough time, but I’m also using it to reflect on what I want to focus on next, and how I can show up on the things that matter most.

Thanks so much for catching up with us, Selena! Follow Selena at @FindUsLost and And to stay up to date with all things Kissimmee, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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