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Eat Right at Orlando's Theme Parks

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to eat better, we don't want you to backslide while you're visiting Central Florida's theme parks. The good news is that the theme parks make it easy to stay healthy with their many dining options.

First, let's look at some general tips for eating better while you're visiting the parks:

  • Watch your consumption of candies, pastries, fried items, and excessive sugar in general. You'll feel better and have more energy for walking. Remember, many condiments, like ketchup, mayonnaise, and teriyaki sauce, are loaded with sugar. Drink water and lots of it. You'll need the hydration, and you'll feel less hungry. Share your treats. You're on vacation, so you shouldn't deny yourself everything. But if you're watching the calories, split your ice cream or Butterbeer with family or friends. Eat healthy snacks between meals. Fruits, vegetables, and other healthy items are available at every park!

To help you find those healthy food alternatives, consider some of these dining options. Remember, this is only a partial list. You'll find many other places to dine as you explore our theme parks.

SeaWorld® Orlando

  • Fresh fruit and other healthy items are available at several locations, including Mango Joe's®, Terrace Bar, Seafire Grill, and Expedition Café. Sharks Underwater Grill® offers freshly grilled seafood, chicken, and salads along with a tableside view of sharks! Voyagers Smokehouse offers a healthy turkey sandwich along with its other delicious entrees.

Universal Orlando ResortTM

  • Almost all of Universal's restaurants offer vegetables, fruits, or side salads as an alternative to high-calorie side dishes. Lisa's Teahouse of Horror in the Simpsons section offers fresh fruit plates, salads, veggie sandwiches, hummus with dippers, and assorted yogurts.Healthy snacks are available in Springfield!Doc Sugrue's in the Lost Continent section of Islands of Adventure offers chicken and vegetable kabobs, Greek salads, hummus, and Greek yogurt. The award-winning Mythos Restaurant® offers plenty of healthy options, along with beautiful views of rock formations and waterfalls. Universal CityWalk®, located between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, has a wide range of well-known restaurants with wholesome options, including Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville®, Bubba Gump ShrimpTM, and many more.
  • Universal CityWalk has lots of healthy dining options.

Walt Disney World® Resort

  • Fresh fruit, vegetables, and juices are available at vendors in any of the Disney parks. For example, Animal Kingdom's Harambe Fruit Market has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as does Anaheim Produce in Hollywood Studios.
  • Harambe Market has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Low-fat smoothies, a refreshing alternative to ice cream, can be found at Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies in the Magic Kingdom. Another cool alternative is Dole Whip, a frozen pineapple treat available in the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and the Polynesian Resort. Epcot offers kaki-gori, a shaved ice treat, at the Japan pavilion. Back in the Magic Kingdom, you'll find sandwich wraps at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café. Prince Eric's Village Market in Fantasyland has fresh fruit and vegetables, hummus and pretzel chips, and Greek yogurt. Hollywood Studios offers salads with chicken or vegetable sandwiches at either Starring Rolls or Backlot Express. Animal Kingdom's Yak & Yeti provides diners with a variety of healthy options, including kale Caesar salads with shrimp, chicken, or tuna. Parents can look for the Mickey Check logo on kids' menus at all Disney restaurants, highlighting healthy meals for kids. The logo indicates that these selections meet Disney Nutrition Guidelines, which are similar to the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


  • LEGOLAND's Market Restaurant has several healthier dining options of Asian-fusion entrees, rotisserie chicken, salads, and soups. In addition, kids can enjoy any children's menu item with a side of fruit, and milk or water. At the LEGOLAND Hotel, Bricks Family Restaurant and Skyline Lounge have fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits.Bricks Family Restaurant has fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits.
  • The Lakeside Sandwich Company offers salads, fruit cups, hummus, and a variety of sandwich wraps, all produced fresh daily. As an added bonus, LEGOLAND features the Fresh From Florida Greenhouse, an interactive exhibit where your family can learn about how food goes from farms to tables.

Bring your own

Many visitors want to know if they can bring their own food into Central Florida theme parks. Each park has different policies, but in general, snacks (that don't require heating) and bottled water are acceptable. Before you go, check the park's policies for outside food and beverages on the park's website, and enjoy your visit!


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