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in Kissimmee

When it comes to bird watching in Central Florida, Kissimmee's the place to be. Home to the largest population of nesting bald eagles in the contiguous 48 states and a re-entry location for the nearly extinct whooping crane, Kissimmee's nature preserves and wildlife refuges benefit from a wonderfully warm climate and an endless assortment of tropical, exotic, rare, and endangered bird species. Birders have a chance to see ibis, hawks, and falcons here, as well as quail and herons of practically every color. You may even catch a glimpse of some of the rarest birds in North America, including the Florida scrub-jay, snail kite, crested caracara, limpkin, and the "Osceola" wild turkey.

If you're setting out on a bird-watching vacation here in Kissimmee, we recommend visiting between November and May. These are the best birding months throughout Central Florida's nine state-recognized Great Birding Trail sites. Head out in the early morning or evening for the best chance to spot wild birds, and be sure to keep your binoculars close by, as well as a field guide, so you can learn how different bird species are grouped. Most importantly, have fun and keep your ears open — after all, you'll usually hear a bird before you see it.

Looking for a little birding inspiration? Check out our Kissimmee birding photo gallery: