Top Things to Pack for Your Kissimmee Road Trip Vacation

A family arrives at their vacation home

Once upon a time, visitors flew to Kissimmee from all over the world and they certainly will again. But for now, things are a little different. Lately, folks looking for a bit of fun in the sun have been packing up their cars and hitting the open road for Kissimmee. And if a road trip is in your future, it’s important to load up everything you need for a smooth ride. Before hitting “play” on that ultimate road trip playlist you put together, make sure you’ve got these must-have items close at hand.  

Making Tracks and Eating Snacks

Making sure your car is stocked with treats will help keep everyone happy instead of hungry (or worse…hangry!). Pack some healthy options like apples, bananas, and chopped veggies. Juice boxes are great to have on hand with little ones, as are things like granola bars, yogurt tubes, and cheese sticks. With some snacks on the road with you, everyone will be prepared when the munchies strike. 

Along with snacks, also be sure to bring your trusty water bottle along for the trip. Staying hydrated is a must on the road, as well as everywhere else! Remember, when someone says “Fill ‘er up”, they’re not just talking about the car.

Keeping Everybody Busy

When there’s a long drive ahead, you’ll want to keep the little ones occupied. Consider bringing along sticker and activity books, coloring pages, and toys to play with (bonus points if they’re noise-free). Also, bring along a tablet loaded up with your child’s favorite movies, tv shows, and games. 

And keeping busy doesn’t just apply to kids. If you’re the co-pilot on this road trip, you deserve some activities to keep entertained as well. Download the latest blockbusters or binge-worthy shows to the iPad or tablet, and you’ll be ready to go. Or, if you want to listen to your favorite podcasts and audiobooks while tuning out fellow passengers for a little while, a pair of noise-canceling headphones are the perfect accessory. 

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Safety First

Above all else, we want you to feel and be safe when you visit sunny Kissimmee, which is why it’s a must to remember your face masks. They’re mandatory here in Kissimmee, so be sure to pack them for the entire family. And if you happen to forget, or need a new one, it’s okay! They’re readily available for purchase at our many local shops. It’s also a good idea to pack a bottle of sanitizer to help keep those hands clean, as well as sunscreen. We recommend at least an SPF30, even if you’ve just got your arm out the window.

Car Cruising in Comfort

If you’re spending a lot of time in your vehicle, you might as well be as comfortable as possible. Dress in your favorite loungewear, cozy shoes, and put the seat back (as long as no one is sitting behind you). Want to catch some zzzs? Consider bringing a neck pillow along for the drive. They’re perfect for keeping your noggin nice and cozy. 

An Emergency Car Kit is Essential

Sure, you might be on vacation, but the car is working hard. To make sure it stays in the best shape possible, pack an emergency car kit to take along for the drive. What goes into an emergency car kit? Great question! A basic emergency car kit typically includes cables, road flares, a flashlight, and a multi-tool. It can also include things like non-perishable snacks (in case you’ve already eaten the ones we mentioned earlier), a blanket, a tire sealant, and a tire gauge.

The Most Important Item of All… a Phone Charger

A phone charger is absolutely essential for any road trip. Think about it, where are you looking for directions? How are you listening to music? What about snapping photos? Odds are you’re using a phone for at least one of these things, so you need to keep it charged. And, who knows, maybe a fully-charged phone will come in handy for calling people to let them know you’ve arrived safely in sunny Kissimmee — people still use their phones to make phone calls, right?

A Kissimmee Vacation Will Get Your Motor Running

The open road awaits, and when you download this helpful checklist and follow the packing tips, you'll be here in Kissimmee faster than you can say “vroom vroom vacation!”

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