Top 6 Animal Selfies to Take at Wild Florida

Wild Florida has so many incredible animals to see – both from afar and up close! Whether you enjoy watching the exotic animals from the Drive-Thru Safari or want to get really close to some incredible creatures, Wild Florida has it all. Let’s take a look at some unique experiences you can have with these top five animal encounters. 

1. Sloth

Have you ever thought about taking a selfie with a sloth? Well, at Wild Florida, they call that a #slothie and we recommend you add that to your bucket list! Chill out with real two-toed sloths in the South America exhibit and relish these low-energy animals. They may seem lazy, but they really conserve all that energy to climb and hang upside down in trees. While you’re at the exhibit, tropical birds and beautiful iguanas roam around the area. Cool, right?!

If you want to take this experience to another level, consider the VIP experience. This is a personal, hands-on experience where you’ll not only feed the two-toed sloth, but you’ll also get to hold one for a soft hug! Imagine a cute sloth going in for a cuddly hug – it’s the best. This once-in-a-lifetime event is perfect for those wanting a bit more than just a slothie. Be sure to make reservations – only four guests are allowed to do the VIP portion per day. 

2. American Alligators

Get a behind-the-scenes look at feeding these incredible alligators. Don’t worry, you’ll be with an animal educator who will walk you through the steps. Start out in the crow’s nest and play jumping for chicken with the gators. Then, draw the chicken out on a line and see which gators can jump out of the water to grab the food first. Finally, you can watch them devour their meal once you lure them onto dry land. It’s definitely a sight to see and you’ll be safe the whole time! 

3. Albino Alligators

Did you know there are less than 20 albino gators in the world? And Wild Florida has a few of them! They started out with just Snowflake and Blizzard, and now have successfully bred them and welcomed new babies this year. You start by entering the exhibit and learning verbal cues with the animal trainer. Then, you can reward the gators with snacks. Be sure to snap lots of photos and videos to share with your friends and family! This is going to be something you want to look back on for a while.

4. Ring-tailed Lemur

Get ready to meet one of the most endangered species on the planet. Ring-tailed lemurs are highly social primates and are sure to put a smile on your face! These little guys are from Southwestern Madagascar and eat fruit, leaves, flowers, bark, and sap. They’re quite playful and gentle so this experience is perfect for anyone ages 12 and up.

5. Giraffe

Ready to get super up close to some of the tallest animals in the world? At 17 feet tall, giraffes are always a sight to see and you have the chance to feed them from the feeding platform! A trained team member will show you the ropes so there's no need to fear. Their favorite snacks are carrots but they also eat evergreen leaves, twigs, and sprouts. Sadly, these majestic animals are endangered but the experience of a lifetime is just around the corner. 

6. Porcupine

Wild Florida is home to two porcupines, Stella and Safari. While Stella is calmer and more relaxed, Safari is more playful! These nocturnal animals will help you overcome your misconceptions about porcupines and open your eyes to cuddly and playful interactions. Their favorite snacks are peanuts, but they also eat bark, roots, fruit, and berries. They definitely will be the cutest rodents you’ll ever meet! And while you’re visiting them, African sulcate tortoises and African native birds roam around the exhibit as well. 

If you’re interested in any of these experiences, be sure to purchase your tickets and make a reservation in advance. And while you’re there, explore the Drive-Thru Safari, beautiful gator park, airboat tours, and more! Share your adventures by using #MyKissimmee on Facebook and Instagram.