Top 6 Airboat Tours in Kissimmee

See another side of Central Florida on a wild airboat ride through lakes and waterways teeming with natural beauty and fascinating wildlife.

A group rides on an airboat during a tour at Wild Florida in Kissimmee

Look for alligators and other wildlife on an airboat tour with Wild Florida

Here in Kissimmee, we know a thing or two about airboat hair. It’s that natural windswept look that can only be achieved after an adventurous airboat ride through the wetlands in search of wonderful wildlife and the natural beauty of Florida. Typically, airboat hair is complemented by lots of laughter and smiles — especially on one of Kissimmee’s unforgettable airboat tours, like the one above at Wild Florida.

Ready to make the look your own? Here are the top five airboat tours in Kissimmee — where airboat hair is always in style!

Wild Florida

If you have your heart set on taking an airboat ride on the wild side, then Wild Florida is the place for you. An airboat adventure with Wild Florida takes you deep into the Headwaters of the Everglades through protected swamps, marshes, and rivers. As you glide through the waters, you’ll have the chance to see all kinds of animals in their natural habitats, including awesome alligators and beautiful bald eagles.

Don’t have the sharpest eyes? Don’t worry! Wild Florida’s airboat captains have a real knack for spotting wildlife going about their days out here in the swamps — they’ll do their best to make sure you catch plenty of glimpses as well.

One of the things that makes a Wild Florida airboat ride so unique is that, at times, you’ll feel like you’ve gone through a time warp and you’re catching a glimpse of a Florida from another millennia — a wild Florida!

Wild Florida offers half-hour and one-hour tours, as well as private day and evening tours if you’re looking for a more personal experience with just friends and family. They’re open Monday through Saturday so you’ll have plenty of time to visit on your next vacation.

A ticket for a Wild Florida airboat tour also includes admission to their gator park. Here, you’ll see everything from tropical birds to crocodiles — and even breathtaking albino alligators! All told, there are more than 200 native and exotic animals in the gator park, some of which you can even meet (don’t forget to take a #slothie!)

Kissimmee Swamp Tours

Looking to explore the waters of Lake Kissimmee? ​Kissimmee Swamp Tours is the place for you. In fact, they’re the only airboat tour company to be found on Lake Kissimmee, so this is an experience you won’t find anywhere else! Lake Kissimmee is located on 36,000 acres protected by the Florida State Wildlife Agency.

When you’re out with Kissimmee Swamp Tours, there are no houses or city skylines, just wildlife, wetlands, and endless views of pristine waters.

And speaking of wildlife, Lake Kissimmee is home to all sorts, including wild deer, pigs, and turkeys, snail kites, sandhill cranes, bald eagles, and Florida gators. You’ll also see hundreds of horses and cattle, as one side of Lake Kissimmee is home to one of Florida’s largest working cattle ranches.

Kissimmee Swamp Tours offers one-hour and 90-minute tours daily.

Spirit of the Swamp Airboat Rides

A spirited good time is exactly what you’ll find with Spirit of the Swamp Airboat Rides. Operating using smaller, six-passenger boats, Spirit of the Swamp makes it easier for you to get a front-row seat for the wild side of Central Florida. Plus, if you’re in a group of four or more, you can enjoy your own private ride — just you and the wildlife. And speaking of wildlife, there’s lots here highlighted by the American alligator.

Spirit of the Swamp offers one-hour, 90-minute, and two-hour tours.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll have access to high-tech headsets that make it easy to ask the captain any questions you may have while you’re out exploring. And even better, they make it easy for the captain to point out any wildlife they see to you. Spirit of the Swamp Airboat Rides are offered Monday through Saturday.

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

There’s no paddle required when you’re up this creek! At Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures, you can head out on a memorable airboat tour guided by US Coast Guard Certified Master Captains. You’ll explore the Headwaters of the Everglades, learn all kinds of fun facts about the wildlife that calls Central Florida home, and even see some of them up close — including alligators! There’re also turtles, birds, and unaltered wilderness that is just as wild as it was hundreds of years ago. 

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures offers daily 30-minute tours and one-hour tours, in addition to special private one-hour tours, sunset tours, and night tours.

Want to see more after your tour? Explore Boggy Creek’s 32-acre landscaped park. Stop by the gator pond to visit more than 30 juvenile alligators relaxing by the waterside. You can even buy a bag of gator chow and share it with them! And, if the gator chow has you hungry for some human chow, make your way to the Boggy Bottom BBQ for a meal that’s sure to fuel the fun. 

Wild Willy’s Airboat Tours

Things are getting a little wild on Lake Tohopekaliga, especially when visiting Wild Willy’s Airboat Tours. These hour-long tours take you through Lake Toho, a 23,000-acre body of water in the Headwaters of the Everglades. The area is home to all kinds of fascinating animals, from gators and turtles to birds, deer, cows, and more. As you make your way through the waters, your knowledgeable captain will point out wildlife and share lots of exciting information about the area.

Wild Willy’s runs daily tours, including after-hours evening tours.

And, once your ride is done, remember to say hello to Wild Willy’s four resident gators: Blue, Splash, Sergio, and Cricket. Actually, you can do more than just say hello — you can have a free photoshoot with these fab four. What a way to cap off your day!

Bonus: Marsh Landing Adventures

There are so many awesome airboat adventure options here in Kissimmee, we have to admit we found it hard to stop at just five, so we’ve included a bonus sixth option — Marsh Landing Adventures.

They offer tours in smaller boats (up to six people), including a four-hour eco-safari that takes you to an island in Shingle Creek that’s home to some of Florida’s most remarkable wildlife. Marsh Landing Adventures offer tours Monday through Saturday.

Get Ready for The Ride of Your Life

Whether you want to see gators in their natural habitat or get a rush from gliding across the water surrounded by natural beauty, a Central Florida airboat tour is a must-do for any outdoor adventure lover visiting here in Kissimmee.

Answer the call of the wild today and be sure to check out Wild Florida for all the extras you'll find during your next adventure. And when you do, be sure to tag us using #MyKissimmee.