Kissimme-E=mc2: Fun & Educational Vacations in Kissimmee

A Child Explores the Educational Exhibits at WonderWorks

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Experimenting with the idea of educational vacations for the entire family? If our calculations are correct, you’ll find the perfect getaway right here in Kissimmee. Mixing a dash of learning in with vacation time is easy here. In fact, there are countless attractions in Kissimmee where you can learn a thing or two while having the time of your life. 

Ready to solve the equation for having an exciting and enlightening family-friendly vacation? Kissimmee is the answer for every age!

Learn About Life Under the Sea

Did you know that the oceans take up 71% of Earth’s surface? How about that 95% of the ocean has yet to be explored? There’s a lot to learn about the world under the sea — and Kissimmee is the ideal spot for your underwater educational vacation!

To get started, take a deep dive with a day spent at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium. Here, you can take an interactive journey through the waters of the world while learning how you can play a part in conservation efforts. More than 5,000 creatures call SEA LIFE home, from seahorses and stingrays to turtles and sharks. Big and small alike, these fascinating creatures are all swimming in the waters, waiting for you to explore.

If you’d rather get up close and personal with the creatures of the sea, make your way to Discovery Cove. You can do more than catch a glimpse of dolphins and tropical fish during your visit here — you can swim with these majestic friends. That’s right, we’re talking face to face, fin to fin, and nose to bottlenose with some of the coolest animals on the planet. Elsewhere in Discovery Cove, visit the Explorer’s Aviary, where colorful birds from around the world are eager to say hello, and you can feed them right out of your hand! Best of all, experts are on hand to share facts about every animal you meet, ensuring a little learning vacation time alongside some serious appreciation for the natural world.

Gator Greetings

Alligators are absolutely fascinating animals, there’s no doubt about that. In fact, not long ago, we shared some of our favorite gator facts with you, but those only scratched the surface! To learn even more about gators, spend a day at Gatorland. Here, you’ll discover how these legendary animals have thrived in the wild for more than 8,000,000 years! Then, you can get closer than you ever thought possible to these reptiles when you take part in the Meet-a-Gator experience at the park. Not feeling quite brave enough to get close to an eight-foot alligator? Gatorland is also home to wild cats, birds, snakes, tortoises, and more.

Do you or your child dream of working with animals one day? Sign up for Gatorland’s Trainer-for-a-Day program and learn what it takes to work around wild creatures on a daily basis. You’ll get hands-on educational experience with the animals while you’re on vacation — how cool is that!? You’ll also work with the Gatorland trainers in the Alligators: Legends of the Swamp arena, and even hold a surprisingly adorable baby alligator. If you’re a person who likes learning by doing — even while on vacation — this is the place for you!     

Explore a World of Wonder

Looking to spark some imagination on your Kissimmee vacation? Make your way to WonderWorks. A little bit education, a little bit entertainment (“edutainment”, if you will), WonderWorks is home to over 100 hands-on exhibits that challenge young brains while providing the element of fun. There are plenty of totally incredible attractions here, including the chance to become a human lightning rod, capture someone inside a giant bubble, step inside the shoes of a forensic scientist, and more.

And once you make your way through the different WonderZones, there’s still so much to do! Play a game of laser tag, watch a movie in 4D XD Motion Theater, or challenge yourself on the Indoor Ropes Course. Oh, and if you’re not sure where WonderWorks is, don’t worry. Just look for the completely upside-down building — you can’t miss it!

The Countdown to Fun Is On

History, technology, a glimpse into the future: The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has it all and ensures educational vacations are out of this world! Start your visit by taking a stroll through the past at Heroes & Legends. This exhibit pays tribute to the space program’s early days and the pioneers who taught everyone to reach for the stars. Then, learn about the space race at the Race to the Moon exhibit, or strap into the Shuttle Launch Experience to discover exactly what it’s like to blast off into orbit. But there’s so much more, including training simulators, space telescopes, and an opportunity for kids to play amongst the planets — literally! Planet Play is an interactive play area where little ones can navigate an asteroid field, map the constellations, take a stroll along Saturn’s rings, and more. 

Feeling inspired to explore the galaxy? Stop by Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted to test your skills as a new recruit. Who knows? This visit could be one small step for your vacation, and one giant leap for your education!

Even Educational Vacations Deserve a Few Brain Teasers

If you’re the type who loves to wonder, “How’d they do that?” then the Museum of Illusions is a must for your educational vacation. Kids and adults alike love this mind-twisting, reality-bending destination that’s home to over 50 incredible exhibits. You can clone yourself at the clone table, swap noses with a loved one, shock your family by serving up your head on a plate, and even walk through a vortex!

And that’s only the beginning. You can defy gravity, shrink yourself (or transform into a giant) in the Ames Room, or watch the world go on forever in the Infinity Room. Best of all, after the illusion is over, you can learn all about the science behind each exhibit — proof that fun and education on vacation mix together perfectly.   

Color in Your Child’s Creativity at the Crayola Experience

Educational vacations also offer terrific opportunities to nurture your young one’s creative side. And what better place to do that than the Crayola Experience? Located in Central Florida’s largest indoor shopping center, The Florida Mall, the Crayola Experience nurtures creativity and imagination. Your child can create colorful drip art, design sculptures using magic modeling tools, and even create a personalized crayon of their very own. They’ll also have the chance to melt and mold crayon wax into their own unique shapes and learn exactly how crayons are created. Plus, if your child just wants to think (and color) outside the box, there’s Scribble Square, where they can use bright chalk to bring their imagination to life! There’s no doubt about it, with over 20 unique attractions, the Crayola Experience is sure to inspire and entertain.  

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